Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Mr. Hedge - Anniversary Month

May 17, 2018

About 3 decades ago, he was the producer of a very hit network TV show. He left the business in his early 50s, at the height of his success. About a decade ago, he was found with a large stash of particularly horrific child porn, and sent to prison. If you read an arrest report from the Feds online - he expressed a clear interest in having sex with a very young boy, when busted by an undercover officer in the online chat room. The last 2 TV series he was involved with featured many children. Considering all of this - why did he retire from Hollywood at that age, at the height of his success? Who knows what he may have gotten away with, while around all those child actors in Hollywood for decades. If there is anything to be exposed, you know the sorts of people to contact.

Steven Marshall/Growing Pains/Just The Ten Of Us

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