Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

January 8, 2018

The year was 1990. It was a strange year in Hollywood. Heidi Fleiss had just broken away from Madam Alex and there was a kind of madam war that was taking place in those first few months of 1990. During those months, there were also some events that took place that are still mentioned today and continue to affect lives. This permanent A+ list celebrity is someone who is a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. In 1990 he was A++ list. He was recognizable in almost every corner of the world. He was a frequent customer of Heidi and is one of the few celebrities she slept with while working for a short time as an escort. Our A+ lister who we will call A had recently started sleeping with one of the friends of his daughter. He then told her she should start earning money as an escort and introduced her to Heidi. That escort would later end up dead of a heroin overdose. She died in a bed she shared with another of the escorts. It was also at this time that A was introduced to a fresh faced recent high school graduate who would later go on to be an A list celebrity. We will call her B. A took a liking to B almost immediately and started spending thousands of dollars a week on her. At the same time, B was also seeing a customer who we will call C. C was an A+ list actor and was also spending thousands of dollars a week on B. Apparently A found out about C and threatened to kill C. So, C being crazy and on drugs and booze started carrying a gun. Yes, the same gun he shot his girlfriend with. At an after party thrown by Heidi, this A list mostly movie director who was A list then and now paid for three women at once and spent the whole night just doing lines of coke off their naked bodies. When one of them tried to share his coke, he tossed her out of the room. This permanent A list mostly movie actor who was married at the time and is married now but to different women, had sex with multiple women that night. He also tried to convince one of the escorts to come over to his house later to have sex with his underage son. She says that she said no, but I kind of think she did because the son has said he lost his virginity to an escort and how old he was so it kind of jibes. Oh, before I forget, while she was still technically married to A, the wife of A worked for Heidi in her waning days of madaming. That wife later ended up dead. This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor went to the party and took five women back to his place. He literally threw two stacks of hundred dollar bills and said there was no way he was going to have sex at the party because he knew there were cameras everywhere. The actor had just split with an A list actress and was seeing another actress he had cheated on the A lister with. It didn't stop him from also having sex with all those escorts that night and a pile of coke. Unlike the director, the A+ lister loved to share his coke.

OJ Simpson/Laurie Dolan/Nicole Brown/Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen/Oliver Stone/James Caan/Jack Nicholson/Anjelica Huston/Rebecca Broussard

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