Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #21 - A Birdie Blind Item - Anniversary Month

June 2, 2018

Which closeted, award-winning writer from a certain part of the country liked to have sex with little boys - including his own son - as well as livestock? Without more, it might be the million dollar question, but of course there's always more. You see, by the time the son came of age, his father was having something of a moment, not just in the literary world, but Hollywood. His most famous book had been optioned for a movie, which would star a now permanent A list actor known for picking the wrong roles. The theme of this movie? You can probably guess (although it doesn't involve minors, or farm animals). As part of the movie deal, the writer demanded that his son be cast in one of the sensitive roles. The director balked, noting that he was too young for the part, at least, and so a compromise was made: he would play the stand in during rehearsals. At the time everyone thought it was a father just trying to help his son become an actor, but it was actually because he wanted to see him humiliated for the ages; even the rehearsals were supposed to be filmed. The father was notoriously difficult to work with, drunk and sexually harassing the movie's stars. He'd constantly make jokes about rape, child molestation, and bestiality. Eventually, after trying to assault one of the two leads, he was banned from the set, except to film his small part. In later years, when he got letters from aspiring young writers (boys and young men, I mean), he didn't just write them back but called them - often the same day he got the letter. Invariably, and in between alcohol-fueled tirades about the "sin of homosexuality," he would ask them if they had ever been with a man, and then request or demand a naked picture of themselves. As for the b*stiality, that one work of his on the subject wasn't made up.

James Dickey/Christopher Dickey/Deliverance/Burt Reynolds/The Sheep Child

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