Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

March 30, 2018

I have cousin who ended up living a very different and sad life than I. We hung out as young kids, but then we drifted apart and while my life became more privileged, parents climbing the corporate ladder and all, hers took a turn for the worse. Many turns actually. I'd heard through the family grapevine over the years about her tough life, in and out of jail, rehab, getting into a gang fight while pregnant and losing the baby. Just so sad and forward to a couple of years ago, she hits me up on Facebook after decades have gone by since we last spoke or saw each other. Turns out we live just a couple miles apart - I in echo park, she in Mac Arthur park. Her birthday was coming up so I took her out to breakfast. We smoked a joint, and shit got real. I noticed she wasn't eating anything, she admitted she'd smoked a little meth before we met up. I couldn't even tell. Aside from not eating, she's a goddamn pro. Wouldn't have even known. It was like no big whoop. And that is how she spoke of her past-matter of factly, that's just how it was, life. Ran away from home to LA with her "boyfriend" when she was 12. Got pimped, was dumped shortly thereafter. Walking the streets of LA. At 12. At the moment, I was shocked and was too high to pry further, and felt like a dick for even asking if she had any dirt. She did. I can only imagine. "You know the dude in the band that wears all the make up?" Um..."the guy with the tongue.." (LT) "Yeah, that dude. He made me piss on him." LOL real shocker that one. I'm a decent judge of character and he's always come off as giant narcissistic turd... She slept with, wait can I try this? Um...That rock guitarist who's silhouette you would all recognize when she was 16 or 17. (GR) I guess that would have been early 90's. She considers them good times, so who am I to judge....

LT - Gene Simmons

GR - Slash

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