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Blind Items Revealed #6 - The New Celebrity Cult - Anniversary Month

January 17, 2018

Want to rub shoulders with celebrities? Have a few hundred extra bucks a week to spend on books, conferences, "college" courses, spiritual guides. and even merchandise? Does this sound like Scientology? It kind of does. I'm not going to say anything is worse than Scientology. It is in a class all to itself. I will say that this new celebrity cult has a lot of the same money making ideas. It is all about the money. Oh, and the fame of some of the leaders of the cult. It also has some disturbing practices that are just now coming to light. This cult pays a lot of money to certain young female celebrities to post all kinds of things about the cult on social media. They make it seem that if you come you are sure to run into them. You won't. Even if they do attend, they are kept away from the masses. What these celebrities do though is ensure that hundreds of young females come in to the cult each week. Do these celebrities know what happens to these young female members that come? Well, this celebrity offspring who yachts knows for sure what happens, but doesn't seem to care. This A-/B+ list singer/actress also knows what is up. This A+ list mostly movie actor knows exactly what is going on because he has been on the receiving end of some of the "fellowship" that the young women provide. The young women are all put through a screening process. The first time they come and fill out as visitor card. That card contains blanks for e-mail and social media handles. If the woman is not considered attractive or does not have what seems to be a lot of disposable income, no follow-up is made with them and if they pursue the cult further, they are discouraged from attending. This is usually done through something that will turn them off from ever wanting to come back. If you make the first cut, you are then encouraged to join a group which is made up of members remarkably similar to your own physical looks and age. The group is led by someone who has been trained to ask very probing questions of every member of the group. All of these sessions are recorded. At this point there is further vetting and once again some of the women are encouraged to not come back. This can be anything from having their purse stolen or someone being verbally abusive. If you make it past that level, they are encouraged to attend other more intimate counseling sessions followed by some coursework. All through this period they are given constant positive feedback. They are shown videos of celebrities who tell them they have done the same thing and just take them deeper down this path of no return. This is where it gets even more vile. All of the leaders of the cult are men. These men pick and choose which of these females they would like to counsel one on one. The females by this point have been told they need to serve and these leaders take a woman into a room that looks like a hotel room. There are dozens of these rooms in a building attached to the cult. There, these men have sex with the women. If a woman is hesitant at all, she is again encouraged to leave the cult. Once each new recruit has been sampled if you will, they are assigned to men who have joined the cult. These men have been picked because of their incomes and ability to spend a great deal of money on various cult programs. There is a minimum spend of about $25K a year. That entitles you to a worship companion. Yes, one of the women. You keep spending money you keep the worship companion. They are encouraged to have sex with the worship companions in one of the hotel like rooms where of course everything is recorded. This cult is big on making sure they have a lot of information to use should they need it. That A+ list mostly movie actor spends about $500K a year so he has multiple worship companions he can choose from and is encouraged to spend time with them away from the cult. The cult wants to create families created from these couples which they think will make the cult stronger. Dozens upon dozens of these couples have married. The men are encouraged, even if married to interact with other worship companions because the money needs to keep flowing. The wives understand this apparently and are supposed to encourage their husbands to have as many worship companions as they can afford. There are some men there who are spending close to $1M each year. The leaders of the cult are using this money to line their own pockets and to spread the cult to wealthier countries. That A-/B+ list singer/actress and the celebrity offspring have both been to Dubai and Asia where they have been worship companions to very very wealthy international members who also have private videos of their encounters. There is another A- list singer/actress who says until recently she didn't know any of this was going on. She says the only way she found out was when one of the females recruited told her a friend had been shipped overseas to be a worship companion in an Asian country. No one had heard from her in six months and the actress/singer was approached at a grocery store and asked for help. The actress/singer spent an hour at a Whole Foods deli counter listening to this cult member who described everything she had done with men at the cult. That singer/actress has not been back since. When she threatened to talk about what happened, a security person from the cult visited her at home and she has not uttered a word about it since. A cult staffer is someone who is leaking things slowly and has provided all of this information.

Hillsong Church/Hailey Baldwin/Selena Gomez/Chris Pratt/(the actress/singer who was at the Whole Foods deli counter is still scared and has been very very low profile for the past few years)

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