Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Mr. Hedge - Anniversary Month

February 19, 2018

Just under 4 decades ago, this pedophile photographer was convicted of interstate transportation of obscene materials. At the time of his conviction, such records could not be easily accessed, especially when the conviction occurred in another state - and the punishment was disgustingly light. Let’s call him D. D remained based in an East Coast state his entire life. D became a professional photographer, and broke into the business as the official event photographer for many youth diving and baseball competitions. D wanted to get involved in Hollywood. Initially, D became a prominent and active member of early internet Teen Fan Idol communities that fetishized young male actors. D somehow became good friends with another pedophile, who lived on the opposite coast, and had many more connections in Hollywood. Let’s call that pedophile NS. You ALL know NS. He was convicted of raping one of his clients for years. A celebrity you all know has accused NS of raping his now-deceased friend. NS worked a great deal with a certain child actor awards show. Let’s call that Show #1. Through his friendship with NS, D at one time became the official photographer for Show #1. D also created websites for many young Hollywood actors. A little over a decade ago, a mother accused D of taking an inappropriate picture of her son while at another awards show. Let’s call that Show #2. Through the vigilance of many parents, D was banned from Show #2, and the parents kept pressing the issue to the other shows. Several months later, while at home, D doused his video cassettes and DVDs in gasoline, and lit them on fire. The fire began to consume the house. While the fire raged, D turned his gun on himself, and committed suicide. Nobody knows for sure how crimes D may have committed against children during his life.

D = Michael “Max” Grassi, Jr. 

NS = Marty Weiss 

Show #1 = Young Artists Awards  

Show #2 = CARE Awards 

Bonus Item = The medallion he always wears prominently contains the auryn symbol from The Never Ending Story.

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