Monday, November 22, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Wicked

Back in the day, this family singing group was A+ list. They also held some of the darkest secrets this town has known. One of the members of the group wanted to protect her fortune, so gave up another family member to the celebrity cult. The cult kept the family member hooked on coke while they had a woman move in to be the lover of the family member. Then, over the course of several years, took every penny the family member earned. 

During this time period, a very young family member was offered up to record label executives and others who could help the group. The young family member was offered in such a way that it appeared to be Satanic. One of the people who is accused of being with the underage girl is a relative of this A list mostly movie actor who is in a superhero universe.

At some point in time, the underage girl was paired with this A- list teen actor. Drugs would be forced on the young actor and then in front of others he would have sex with the girl. The actor was about 13 at the time and was always accompanied by older men who were his watchers/abusers. It was during one of those sessions that he was forced to do heroin for the first time by a family member of the group. Heroin is what eventually killed him.

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