Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

December 27, 2017

When you think of celebrities, you rarely think of them as having an arsenal of guns at their disposal. Combine that with an orgasmic love of firing them any time anywhere and a fantasy of making a real life snuff film and you have the subject of our blind today. I bet you thought the subject of our blind is male. Nope. She is a B list director and a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Back in the day when she was a college student, she bought one gun. Apparently she liked showing it off to people and would randomly fire it during parties. The next thing anyone knew, she had dozens of guns. Most people would probably keep their guns locked away in a safe or out of reach to visitors. Not our offspring. She kept them all under her bed and all of them always loaded. When she would have parties at the apartment her father bought her, you were almost guaranteed to see her fire one of them. Yes. Inside. If anyone complained, her dad would write a check and the problem would go away. He was always making her problems go away. One problem that even he would not be able to go away is her real life fantasy. Apparently she has always wanted to make a snuff film. A real snuff film and has described in detail how she would get away with it and convince the audience it was just f/x. There is a script she keeps trying to get made that would be a snuff film, but that would involve a real death. At some point she is going to get it made. Right now it is in the form of a limited series type of event. When you see it made, you really should ask yourself if it is an actor that gets shot in the movie or if it is someone else who was killed.

Adria Petty/Tom Petty

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