Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Deal - Anniversary Month

I have seen all kinds of contracts for all kinds of things, including fake relationships. This is not that. There was never anything memorialized in writing. It happened in the space a of a few minutes. Granted, these two celebrities knew each other long before this deal went down, but it was still remarkable to watch. Prior to COVID when people would actually still get together and after parties were still a thing, each week after Dancing With The Stars aired, the professionals and celebrities and their friends who had been in attendance would gather at a restaurant/bar at The Grove for some cocktails and ass kissing. 

One night, there was a couple in attendance. They didn't come together and they didn't leave together, but they made a deal together. One needed some publicity. They were a little parched and needed that thirst quenched. One, was trying to string together some paychecks and knew they could get a paycheck for going on a certain reality show. It was a group of about five standing there, all of whom other than yours truly was a celebrity. I don't remember how the pair got started on their conversation, but I do remember when they were about five minutes deep into it and the thirsty one wanted to know what the show was and what the pay was and what kind of publicity could be expected and what kinds of interviews and with who would the interviews be. The three or four of us not involved in the conversation watched in awe, as this pair, no strangers to this type of situation hammered out a deal in another ten minutes about how they would first announce themselves as a couple and where and how often they should be seen and that they just needed to keep it up for the two or three weeks before the show started filming and then after filming would go their separate ways. 

Two days later they were a couple and a week after that announced they were doing a network reality show together. I think they ended up doing two shows. They each made $200K or so for each show and afterwards went and found other hustles.

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