Thursday, September 22, 2022

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

This detrans teen has recently been making conservative, right-wing headlines and could possibly cross over to the mainstream as the anti-Jazz. Anti-LGBT hate groups and the men who run them love her because she's young and pretty, and peddles a sad story they can exploit. A few of her standout fans are the editor of a racist and transphobic magazine, a conservative blogger-turned-transphobic filmmaker who dabbles in racism when it comes to mermaids, and a not-so-famous but weird Canadian sign grifter, all much older than she is, but all always happy to "help" her. She loves the fame, money, meals, and trips. She's got an army of paid social media followers who lash out at anyone who dare question her story. While she paints herself as a victim, the truth is that she's a spoiled, manipulative brat who emotionally blackmailed her parents, and was disappointed she had to miss out on an entire summer due to recovery from her procedure. She'll continue her grift as long as she can, because it beats flipping burgers. Bonus: All of the people above colluded to have a certain famous hospital and its staff threatened.

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