Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Document

Before the events of earlier this month, all the claims to the throne by this particular family, could be treated like background noise. No one was going to do anything as long as the present person was in power. That all changed with the events of this month. Everyone knows who the real heir is. Everyone knows there is actual written proof that would have made it physically and biologically impossible for the current line to exist without some behind the scenes manipulation. Imagine the shakeup and the news if the rightful heir stepped up this month and presented their claim. The only real proof is a written document that had been stored in one of the more famous churches in the world. It has resided there for nearly 600 years, until the day BEFORE the public announcement of a death. When the public announcement of the death was made, there was a plan to release the document to the public to at least throw the succession plan in doubt and to give the world a much better, less costly line of succession. The document was gone. Someday, it will probably make its way back into the records, but for now, it is gone. Apparently the church, and its leaders like things the way they are.

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