Friday, September 23, 2022

Four For Friday - Teen Bad Behavior

#1 - This teen actor starred on a long running family show that spawned a one named character that stole the show. This teen actor would drug groupies or get them drunk and then have sex with them in his car before dropping them off at home. He would brag about it.

#2 - This Disney actor is old school Disney, but he was known for getting drunk and shooting guns at people on sets. All of you know who him.

#3 - This modern Nickelodeon actor has been in trouble before. He starred on a show with one other lead. Not that long ago, he held a gun to the head of his girlfriend when he thought she was going to leave him. It happened out of the country.

#4 - This current teen actress on a pay cable show called the wife of the man she was having sex with. She played her a voice recording of the man telling our actress how much more he enjoyed her than his wife. Yes, there was a divorce filing.

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