Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Records

You don't see it as much now, because there is so much porn made by individuals, rather than companies, but when porn is made by companies, there is record keeping. The real names of the actresses and actors involved are kept and copies of their identification is also made. There is an actor who all of you know, and is A list, who collects those names. Our actor, who is aging and has starred in a very long running pseudo sitcom, watches porn and then tries to find the women he saw. He doesn't like the big names, they are easy to find. He enjoys finding obscure one time stars and then uses his fame to get a copy of the records and then tracks down the woman who starred in a movie ten or twenty or even much longer ago. He often casts them in walk on roles on his show and always tries to get them to watch their porn with him. If they are willing, he likes to recreate the sex scene, they did so long ago.

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