Thursday, September 22, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Secret

As it turns out, there is a very high profile, former A- list actress who had multiple affairs while on a show that made her fame. One of those affairs has been in the spotlight for years. There is another affair that has been kept under very very tight wraps. It is only now coming to light because of something that was said in a very random phone conversation. Back when the actress was on this show, she was out to dinner with friends and the man she was living with at the time. The wine was flowing and our actress got hammered, or at least will say she was hammered. She had a very early call time in the morning and the restaurant was two minutes away from where she was shooting the next day and an hour or more each way from where she was living. She sent her boyfriend on his way and checked into a hotel she would use when she didn't want to go all the way home. 

There had been a total of three couples dining together. The actress and her boyfriend and two other couples. One couple went merrily on their way back to their home. The third couple had really been drinking. The third couple consisted of two celebrities, one woman and one man. They lived about twenty minutes from the restaurant and said their goodbyes to the actress. At some point during the dinner, the actress and the male celebrity had some type of encounter, either at the bar or outside the restrooms. It is unclear. What is clear is that the couple went home where the woman passed out. The man then left the home and went to the hotel where our actress was staying. They met in the bar there and went up to her room where they hooked up. In the morning, the male overslept and his wife asked him where he was and he said he had to rush to work early and didn't want to wake her up. He guessed that she had slept in based on her condition the night before, but didn't know for sure. 

Fast forward many years, and the wife had always been suspicious. Not that her husband hooked up with the actress, but someone, that night. It hadn't been the first time. It wasn't the last. The wife had a conversation in the last few weeks with the actress. They were catching up and the actress mentioned that night so long ago and also the drink they had in the bar afterwards. The actress forgot the wife didn't go to the bar and went home. The wife has been ticked off the past two weeks and has been venting to lots of people.

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