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Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind

April 4, 2023

I was a bartender during my time in University here in Toronto. In 2019, I was working at St Regis Toronto, which hosted the Golden State Warriors and their VIP crew during the NBA finals for the year. This A/A- list mostly television actor is a huge Warriors fan, and made a point of staying with the team at the hotel. He and his offspring would show up for drinks at the bar, where I would serve them many nights. During one of the final matches, the actor came down and sat at the bar alone, and a coworker overheard a young woman come up and tell him she had “something to show him in private.” They were locked in the bathroom for over half an hour, and when we cleaned up for the night it was clear they were doing blow and having a good time. Not a bad tipper, so not sure I can complain though.

David Boreanaz

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