Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #45

March 15, 2024

Twenty years ago, a man bought a locked trunk at an antique store in Soho for $30. He broke the lock and found the trunk filled with amazing vintage textiles and at the bottom were three diaries of this A list singer’s first NYC roommate and BFF from the mid 80’s. The diaries chronicle two critical years as the singer launched her career with everybody, while her friend watched, traveled with and supported her. The diaries had a ‘self portrait’ the singer drew of herself in her friend’s journal, plus the BFF names many, many names that they partied with, secret agreements, lies she told, etc. in the pages.  

Six months later, the singer purchased the diaries for $400,000 and destroyed them. What she doesn't realize is there are two people who have copies of some of the pages of the diaries. Before she bought them, the man went on an entertainment show to talk about finding the diaries. And the producers made photocopies of pages that they still have today. 

Madonna/Martin Burgoyne (he designed the cover to Everybody, her first single and then was her tour manager for a while.  She also paid for his medical and rent when he was diagnosed with AIDS.)

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