Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #28

February 15, 2024

It was not all that long ago that the main provider (AA) of girls and teens to the dead billionaire (BB) ended up dead himself. Police in that country have never believed it was a suicide, but they didn't really know who would want him dead who could also pay off people to get it done. Apparently, they have a suspect (CC) who is a citizen of that same country. The foreign government was hoping to see his name released in the big document dump. They know his name is in the documents, but don't want anyone to know they know. So far though, his name is being held back. He has extremely powerful friends that he is partners with here in the US. One of his partners (DD) has been to jail before and all of you know who he is. The general public might not know, but all of you do. That business partner is probably not quite a billionaire, but close. He used to be the king of blackmail back in the day when he was at his peak fame. Several different celebrities tried to have him killed. He would photograph the rich and famous engaging in all matter of illicit activities and when he was short of money for payroll, he would make a couple of calls. That blackmailing expertise is how he and the dead billionaire met. Plus, CC and DD had the perfect cover to move girls and teens around the world with the help of AA. Some of those teens ended up dead, including several from the home country of AA and CC. That country wants an arrest and conviction and keep asking for more documents to be released so the name will be out in the public and they can proceed. 

AA: Jean-Luc Brunel/BB: Jeffrey Epstein/CC: Gérald Marie/DD: Joe Francis

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