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Blind Items Revealed #51

April 3, 2024

The B list singer in her own country, A- list singer throughout Europe and Asia and A+ in her musical trio is facing pressure to reunite with her group.  She endured a barrage of bullying from bandmates and racist attacks from management, the record label and tabloids, making her famously reclusive. She’s now reclaiming her spotlight one gig at a time and enjoying her career on her own terms.

What’s more, the band member who eclipsed her fame in the UK, via the casting couch, spent years dismissing any chance of a reunion, now needs it more than ever. As allegations continue to swirl around the talent show she’s a judge on and no credible primetime projects in the pipeline (her latest brand endorsement was for a car dealership), she’s looking for an exit plan and saw a reunion as her golden opportunity. 

She recently used a promo trail for a flop solo re-release (a vinyl limited edition run of 500 units which didn’t sell) to put feelers out, claiming “unfinished business”, which our B lister is ignoring. The silent third member is never a problem, she does as she’s told and is in no position to challenge otherwise. 

As the lead vocalist with unmatched songwriting talent, our B lister holds the power while her former bandmates clamor for her return. The former bandmates categorically can’t sing or write. 

Right now, she would sell a kidney quicker than rejoin. 

Sabrina Washington/Mis-Teeq/Alesha Dixon/Britain’s Got Talent 

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