Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #54

April 17, 2024

Back in the day, there was a wrestling tour traveling around the US and also just over the border in Mexico to cities like Tijuana. One of the main draws was this Mexican wrestler (#1). The promoter of this tour thought he could have sex with this manager/model (#2) so he assigned her to act as the "manager" for #1. After one of the shows south of the border, it is late at night and this one named foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today (#3) hears this pounding at his hotel door. It was #2 and she is half naked and she has been beaten. She explains that she was partying with this foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today and is often confused with a music genre (#4). The wrestler was unable to perform sexually so beat up #2. Someone suggest they call #2's husband who was also a wrestler (#5), but they said he probably beats #2 worse than #4 did. Later in life #2 ended up dead from a different wrestler (#6).

Promoter: John Arezzi

#1: Psicosis

#2: Nancy Benoit

#3: Konnan

#4: Heavy Metal

#5: Kevin Sullivan

#6: Chris Benoit

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