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Blind Items Revealed #9

January 17, 2024

I accept that the profession I am about to discuss can be very nomadic and there is a lot of turnover in the industry. People quit the industry especially in the lower levels and are never heard from again. That all being said, there is an issue going on that should be addressed. You need to back about fifteen years or so. Several foreign born celebrities who were just starting out with television shows about their profession are now A list or even higher. All of their old shows were produced by the same production company. They are people all of you know. In those old shows, the audience would many times, but not always be introduced to women who worked in the industry. By introduced I mean you would get a first name usually and they would say a few words and then they would be background never to be seen again on the episode of the show. Every so often, one of those women would get an extra one or two minute segment. The thing about all of these women is we have a starting point of where they were and when and a first name. They should be pretty easy to track down. 

This all began because one of those women on the show for two minutes was spotted on YouTube a decade after the show aired. It was a sister who had been missing and the family wanted to reach out to her. It seemed like they had a great starting point. Yes, the ten year gap would be tough, but there was a starting point. Except there wasn't. The woman had never worked for the business the show said she did. Oh sure, they gave her a matching uniform top, but she never worked there. She was brought in by production for the day and then never seen again. The appearance was so potential buyers could see what they were getting. They could spread it out all over Europe to buyers at once without having to deal with websites or dealing with hundreds of buyers individually. This was all at once. 

It took the private detective the better part of three years to discover all of this because sometimes the employee was really an employee and sometimes they were not. It was hard to discern who was who. He did discover the culprit were two shows in particular, but the hosts were so new they probably had no input and didn't care who was introduced as an employee or not. Those employees were not really vital to the show. Because of the way the format was set up so long ago, the two hosts do the same thing now, but the people all work for the businesses.

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