Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #24

February 6, 2024

Everyone knows the tale of this former A list actor (AA) and how filming a certain movie which made him a star also eventually led to his death. What is much less known, and over the passage of time has turned into a whisper here or a whisper there, is the equally high on the list co-star (BB) of the movie also became hooked on the same drug that killed our other actor. 

BB was a mess, but he faced the problem of having to go directly into another movie which was widely anticipated and was going to be a huge box office success. The problem was how to shoot it with BB being such a mess. At first, it was decided to try and shoot it normally, but that just wasn't possible because of just how addicted BB was. There are scenes in the movie where you can see just how bad off BB was during the early days of filming. It was decided about halfway through filming to send BB off to rehab. That meant shooting a number of solo scenes for the other lead. The problem with that was it is a buddy movie. There just was no choice. It is why the film differs so much from the first installment. BB returned from rehab and then finished the scenes they just had to film together as buddies. 

River Phoenix/My Own Private Idaho/Keanu Reeves/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey/Alex Winter/Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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