Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

March 6, 2024

Although it has never officially been proven, common knowledge amongst the Old Hollywood elite is that this film and theatre mogul/producer killed his first wife. He had a hair trigger temper and liked to drink. All three of his wives could match him drink for drink which didn’t help. He was physically and mentally abusive to both wife #1 and wife #2 (and A/B-list character actress who is on my list of people who should have won an Oscar). Surprisingly he wasn’t abusive to wife #3, whom everybody knows. Maybe it was the fact that she threatened to kick him in the privates after he slapped her (he never did that again). Back to wife #1 and her murder, after he strangled her he stabbed her in the chest to make it look like she killed herself. Since he had members of the NYPD on his payroll, the crime was covered up and her cause of death listed as suicide. Wife #2, whom he married shortly after, always believed he got away with murder. After he killed their pet dog after the dog attacked him during a fight between the couple she was more convinced and she left him right after that. The fact that she caught him ogling her then pre teen daughter in a state of undress was another factor.

Mike Todd/Bertha Freshman/Joan Blondell/Elizabeth Taylor

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