Friday, July 05, 2024

Four For Friday - Old Tips

Going through emails as old as ten years ago, here are tips I didn't write about at the time. I will give you dates to make it easier.

#1 - Although the tip is from 2013, the events in it happened about 2003.

This A-list singer who was formerly in a girl group had this cable TV hostess essentially blacklisted from the industry, with a little help from her stage parents, because she found out from her loudmouthed sister that her soon-to-be husband had a child out of wedlock with the TV hostess. 

#2 - From 2010

This murder victim was given a disabled placard two days before her murder. She had been unable to get it through normal channels and a "friend" gave it to her. It also made it easier for the killer for hire to identify her car as it made its way through Beverly Hills. 

#3 - From March 2013

Which former A-list mostly TV actress (now deceased since this was sent in) recently went on her usual Twitter rants against prescription meds, even though behind closed doors she pops them like Tic-Tacs?

#4 - July 2018

This sunny, cheerful character actor is most famous for the TV series in which he played the head of a large household.  He has other family members who are actors and actresses.  He is the last guy in the world you would expect of having a torture dungeon in his house but there it is.  His family turned a blind eye to this.  He mostly used the dungeon with hookers including at least one who required medical treatment after a too enthusiastic session.

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