Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #41

March 12, 2024

Oh sure, she worked for a few more years after what she (AA) called the nightmare, but the only reason she was working was until she could find a husband (BB) who could take care of her. As soon as she did, she turned her back on Hollywood and never worked again. It all started on a movie to end all movies (CC). She was one of the few non comics to work on the movie. They needed some people to play it straight and she was one of them. She was cast as a favor to this permanent A list comic actor (DD) who always wanted to sleep with the actress. The actress didn't want to sleep with him and hated being cast in the movie. The cast was isolated for long periods of time in remote areas. DD tried to play it nice but when he was rebuffed he slipped something into a drink and forced her to have sex while in a hotel room. DD bragged about it of course and said that AA couldn't refuse his charms. That led to many others of the predominantly male cast to also try to hook up with her. Even though several learned what DD had done and that it wasn't consensual, they kept trying anyway. Another permanent A list actor (EE) also struck out but he also managed to get her alone and also force her to have sex with him. It got to the point that after filming, AA would lock herself in her room and would only emerge to go straight to the set. On the set, she didn't interact with any cast members, but found a very large stuntman who took her under his wing. It was that stuntman who would later introduce her to her soon to be husband BB. If you go watch old press interviews with the cast and they are asked about our actress, they never have anything to say except the basics and that they haven't seen her in a long time. It makes you wonder just how bad it was for her.

AA: Dorothy Provine

BB: Robert Day

CC: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

DD: Milton Berle

EE: Mickey Rooney

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