Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Links

I don't know that I really care but Meg Ryan is secretly dating Matthew Perry. How can it be a secret if we are talking about it?

Nicole Richie discusses how she likes her franks cut if you know what I mean. Let's just say she likes them Kosher.

You know I think Aubrey from Danity Kane is a little pissed that Diddy just used her like any other woman he dates.

X17 is convinced Jennifer Garner is pregnant. I think I may have said something about that a few weeks ago. Of course now that I say that she will probably go out and get drunk off her ass.

A bunch of great inside scoop about Jack Nicholson. Did you know he made a pass at Nicole Kidman at The Oscars? Damn that would have been a good blind item.

Britney Spears bought a tennis racket while wearing this outfit. Now she only bought one so maybe she's going to use it for something else. I seem to recall an incident with a baseball bat but that was just method acting. Now she did take up tennis while at Promises. Didn't she play for ten whole minutes or something? Well, whatever it is, it should be fun. Photo courtesy of Just Jared just in case you couldn't tell with that big yellow frame.

That American Idol winner likes some other guy now. Can you imagine being a 17 year old girl and changing your mind about what guy you like? The nerve.


kchal said...

I wonder if there had been the internet presence back in Jack's day if it would have changed his career - he would have been the blind guess for EVERYTHING and would probably have been the correct guess....

some said...

jack probably is the answer to some of the sleasier bi today.

B :) said...

Jack is King.

Brit needs to go "Shady Lanes" or wherever they send people to "rest"

Sorka8 said...

He may have been a great actor in his day but he just looks like a sleazy old man troll with sunglasses today.

A pass at Kidman? He must have been drunk off his sunglassed ass.

kellysirkus said...

I don't mind so much Brit buying inanimate objects such as tennis rackets or umbrellas, but for the Love of God, please do not let her buy any more living creatures. Isn't there some animal rights group that can step in and ban her from owning pets?

B :) said...

Meg had better like Tennis as much as he does. Otherwise let's just say,next.

Michael said...

Looks like our shows star Mr Mitt is in direct need of an attorney.He soaked up a bit to much alcohol and was found with another other than Mrs Mitt.Not only his family is in jeopardy but his famous career as well.His last interview with Jimmy Carter was cancelled upon this revealtion of news and is in trouble with the Twisted Bisket Show as well.We have no lawyers here and thought you might know of one who would fit this position like a glove.Review Mister Mitts last show thus far at seems he doesnt look like he has a problem.

__-__=__ said...

Jack really doesn't need a 7' birthday cake. In fact, he doesn't need any cake at all - ever! And he SHOULD have married LFB after she wore that ballerina outfit his "designer" daughter made to that awards ceremony. She is forever slammed for that and it's just sad. Jack should pay her royalties every time she is slammed for wearing that dress.

Tracee said...

Okay now I'm conviced that Nicholson and Brando were the guys involved in that controversy based that the movie Very Bad Things.

That article gave a lot of info on Nicholson's past. Hmmm...was Ryan O'Neal in a western? Anybody?


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