Friday, August 17, 2007

Now Where Again Was Katie Holmes Last Week?

As you know the Dark Knight is currently being filmed and Maggie Gyllenhaal loudly replaced Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in this Batman Begins sequel.

Well last week, Maggie was filming a scene when a special effects generator was mysteriously knocked over, caught fire and sent flames shooting up Maggie's skirt. Heath Ledger was first on the scene and managed to carry Maggie safely away while also putting the fire out.

No one knows how the generator was knocked over and no one has come forward to take responsibility for the accident which would have cause severe burns to Maggie if she had lost her balance and fell as it started shooting flames.


Anonymous said...

L Ron Hubbard did it. said...

LOL ace!

Xenu always ts his revenge eventually.

kellygirl said...

Everywhere Maggie goes there seems to be fire.
The last time was the hotel that burned down while she was visiting.
Girl's got some burning Karma.

Anonymous said...

those Scientologist are evil bastards. look what they did to O.J. Simpson and Richard Nixon. Maggie needs to watch her back or drink the koolaide like Katie.


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