Friday, September 21, 2007

Britney: Short- Listed For Television Role

This is something straight out of Jurassic Park IV, Attack Of The Government Dinosuars. Britney Spears, yes that Britney Spears has been short-listed to co-star along side Matthew Perry in a remake of a 60's show which also sounds a whole lot like that show Debra Messing and Thomas Hayden Church did.

The basic premise is that Matthew Perry is a guy with a job and needs a wife to impress the boss. Enter Britney Spears as the fake wife. You know what would be better is if he needed a wife because everyone thought he was gay and then he had this internal struggle, or better yet, the woman has a career and she needs a husband because she is this super butch looking type and so everyone assumes she's gay, but she's not, she's just really ugly.

I don't think Britney in any television show is going to work. First of all it is going to be a sitcom so that means filming almost everyday and at an early hour. Second she will be required to be there and sober which could be challenge. Plus, does anyone think she can actually act? Did you see Crossroads? For that matter who thinks Matthew Perry can act? He has one character. At least with Britney you have the possibility of four or five different personalities coming out so Matthew could be married to a new woman each week or have a new girlfriend each week and impress his sexist bosses who live vicariously through him.


Katie C. said...

I thought that Matthew Perry was great on The West Wing and Studio 60. That said, I would not believe he would even consider acting in a TV show with Britney Spears!

mocha said...

this was already confirmed as false, please keep up.

Unknown said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She needs to go hide in a cave for a few years. Better yet have her move to the M.E. Like Michael did.

Miss X said...

Hey now, I love Matthew Perry.

Mocha, thanks for posting that this is actually false. :)

Jerry said...

Agree with Katie about MP in Studio 60. Made me completely forget about Chandler Bing, a pretty good accomplishment after seeing that character for 34 years.

Take a look at Kelsey Grammer's new series Back To You. It's Frasier Crane all over again.

I feel badly for Britney. She's so obviously lost her way. Hope she can get her life back on track. I wouldn't judge her acting based on one bad movie. If you did, you'd have to toss out 99% of Hollywood. At her peak, she's more a visual performer than a singer and that makes me think she could have some success acting if she really worked at it.


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