Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lindsay May Not Be Qutting Hollywood After All

So earlier this week there was a story I ran that said Lindsay Lohan was quitting Hollywood and I basically called BS when I read it. It's not that I don't think she should, because I definitely think she should, but it just isn't going to happen.

In an interview with the News of The World (guess they were the only ones paying), Michael Lohan went on ad nauseum about how Lindsay and he just cried and cried during their reunion.

"When we finally came face to face we just clung on to each other and did not stop crying for at least half an hour. "

Then in what could quite possibly be the the cheesiest, self serving quote of all time, Lindsay's father had this to say about what he and Lindsay discussed.

"Lindsay said since me and her mom had split her life had just not been the same. My heart ached and I was racked with guilt when she said, ‘I just wanted my Mommy and Daddy back'.

"She was about 17 when she started to turn to drugs and for the past four years Lindsay has become more and more reliant on them.

"She said the pain of our separation led her to do drugs and alcohol because she just wanted to numb the pain and drown her sorrows."

Wasn't there that recent story which said that while Lindsay's parents were still married she was hanging out with people on the east coast so into drugs that the cops followed her to LA when she moved there. Maybe it was the idea of her parents possibly divorcing at some indeterminate time in the future that pushed her over the edge. Then, when they finally did split up it gave her the perfect excuse to keep on partying. That, and the fact that maybe mom and dad did a little partying with her and all her new found money.

As for quitting Hollywood, Michael stated that Lindsay wanted to quit Hollywood and move back to the east coast. That's a bright idea. Go back to where it all started so she can get involved not only with drug users, but also the pushers. Did she not see Traffic?

Michael qualified his statement about Lindsay quitting Hollywood by saying,

"For Lindsay the only way to do that (quitting drugs) is to take a break. So after she has honored her existing film commitments that will be it. She just wants to stop making movies for the time being and be near her family. "

After her film commitments huh? Well that is a fairly random amount of time isn't it? What is Lindsay going to do with all her free time should she move back to the east coast? Go to school? Uh huh. Do some theatre? Uh huh. Come on, she would be so bored she would go out every night and with nothing to wake up for early in the morning she would even be worse.

Stars who use drugs and are addicted to alcohol and drugs, are in my experience far more likely to stay sober when working. Generally these stars are older, but unless they are in horrible shape addiction wise they can usually clean up enough to work and get to work on time. It's when they have worked six days consecutively and are sitting around that one night off that things go incredibly haywire.

I wish Lindsay the best, but what she needs is to find something to do whether working or not and perhaps just say no when offered the chance to break her sobriety.


Unknown said...

Who cares she gonna be dead in a year anyway.

jlb said...

That's all if she's sober - I don't think so - she's still not in rehab for herself, she's there for what's left of her reputation and career.

Anonymous said...

Lohan invested so much energy in trying to imitate Angelina Jolie - or at least the wild Jolie image she used to have - maybe she needs to take a page from the playbook and cut her father off for good. I mean WOW, how to be used by your Dad.

As idiotic as Lohan can be, I still think she really can pull off a comeback. Too many people say she has bonafide potential.

lisa said...

i heard a rumor that lindsay was a lesbian. anyone know if thats true?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Pffffffft. She's not quitting Hollywood. She's not qualified to do anything else (that she won't get arrested for, anyway).

mandjo said...

If the conversation with her dad actually happened, it must be great knowing that he cares sooo much for her that he sold the conversation to the highest paying tab.

mandjo said...

Of course, he has done this all along, so I guess that's her problem!

Parsley Mostly said...

she's still wearing the wedding band in most photos i see of her.

there's a reason most of the brat pack, drew barrymore, and countless others disappeared for years after their initial hey days.

i hope she comes back at 30 and gest her oscar. (or work at the starbucks i go to so i can have a free ego boost with my almond mocha.)


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