Friday, September 21, 2007

Kim Kardashian Throws Miss USA Under A Bus

That story I had earlier today about Kim Kardashian giving the old how's your father, to Terrence Howard came as a bit of a shock to Kim who first saw the report in Page Six. (who knew she could read?) Kim claims it wasn't her giving the dirty lap dance to Terrence Howard at the club Butter but none other than Miss USA Rachel Smith who is Terrence's girlfriend.

After all the issues we had with our last Miss USA contestant, I find it hard to believe that Rachel Smith was bumping and grinding a still married Terrence at a nightclub. I find it even more difficult to believe that someone could confuse Rachel Smith with Kim Kardashian. Look at the photos above and tell me how they could be confused. Yes, they both have dark hair, but that is where the similarities end. I could see how you could confuse Kim with a drag queen, but not Miss USA. Also, even though Kim is referring to Butter as where the indiscretion took place, I believe the location of the alleged bump and grind and make out session happened at Tenjune. I'm sure Kim's dance card is filled with guys with big wallets and so she has trouble recalling who she was with and where she was, but also, maybe Terrence is a big spender and so she wants to reassure Miss USA to keep those presents from Terrence coming.

Thanks to Dlisted for the side by side photo.


Farm Girl Pink... said...

Maybe I am the only one... but I think they do look alike. And in a dark bar... I can see them being mistaken for each other.

ablake said...

Megan Fox is completely Kim K. I really wish Hollywood would spice up what they offer out as 'hot'.

ablake said...

yikes left out my comment on the story:) Yes ent I can actually see how they would be confused for one another, while their facial structure isn't alike, the coloring and the eyes are highly similiar. I can see where one would be confused for the other.
And hey, wasn't Kim K's dad that lawyer guy? Pretty sure she should know better than to toss out baseless accusations. Yes? Or no? Can't be positive

Sarah said...

I definitely think they look alike. You wouldn't confuse them in broad day light, perhaps, but a dark bar? Highly possible.


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