Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Details On Lindsay The Home Wrecker

So allegedly Lindsay Lohan had sex in a rehab bathroom with Tony Allen who is the lead singer for Dead Stays Alive. Well, the claims must have been valid enough that Tony's wife kicked him out of their Georgia home. He cheated on her despite the fact they have eight month old twins and he at the age of 40 is literally old enough to be Lindsay's father.

A friend of Stephanie Allen who is Tony's wife told the Daily Mirror, "She's had it, period. They tried forever to have kids. She went through IVF three times and suffered two miscarriages, and when they finally got two beautiful babies, he hooks up in rehab with a girl half his age.
"He is trying to live out this rock star fantasy at 40. All Stephanie wanted was for him to be a good husband and father."

Recent reports claim Tony Allen bragged to all his friends about having sex in a rehab bathroom with Lindsay by saying, "Come on, it's Lindsay Lohan. Hell, yes! Wouldn't you?"

Actually Tony, some of us wouldn't.


Emily Stroop said...

Lindsay's gross.

Poor Stephanie, she seems to have fallen into the "I can change the drug-addict rock star into a sober, faithful husband and father!" cliche.

Tracee said...

Yuck! There's a stand-up guy for ya.

Unknown said...

He's what I like to call a real mensch!

Reese said...

Lindsay likely left him with a souvenir of their time together that will require a lifetime of prescription drugs to control.

I hope his wife leaves him with his underwear and little else in the divorce.

Patsy said...

He'll be lucky if it doesn't turn black & fall off.

Unknown said...

There's a whole lotta karma comin' Lindsay's way.

To say nothing of this piece of trash dude.

kellygirl said...

any 40 y/o loser who cannot be motivated to clean himself up for his 8 month old twins is a complete Piece of Shit and the mother of those twins is a lot better off without him. She should sue the rehab facility.

Bryn said...

I'm thinking that these so called "rehab facilities" are just outrageously priced public relations country clubs. Some guy is making millions pampering spoiled drug addicts who happen to have money.

I'd like to see an investigation into what really goes on in these places. Someone should check in with a hidden camera or at least keep a detailed diary. They hide behind HPPA regulations to keep everything confidential.

jlb said...

On Dlisted MK is saying the wife is an heiress - the guy fucked up royally if that's true.

jlb said...

And I agree Bryn - Nightline or one of those such shows should be in there with an 'expose' - I'm surprised they haven't already with the amount of 'stars' going lately...

CincyNat said...

Isn't a 'mensch' a good guy? I don't think Tony qualifies...he's a putz!

Cooper's Mom said...

lindsay is a troll of the first order; and who the hell is Dead stays alive? obviously didn't make it down here :)

Bryn, i couldln't agree with you more. these 'rehabilitaion' facilities make a complete mockery of trying to get clean and sober. Addiction is fucking hard to deal with, it's an ongoing every day battle yet these places just exploit it and make millions off it. seriously, what is soooo damn special about somewhere that they can charge us$30,000 A MONTH?? people like lindsay don't wanna get clean they just do it for good PR and frankly that's disgusting to me cos there was a time i could've done with a decent rehab place, and believe me when i say i would've taken it seriously instead of trying to combat this shit solo... these people don't know how lucky they are. that's all i'm saying...

Judi said...

Ewww. This is so ugly. Jib, I hope it's true that the wife is a heiress. She and the kids are better off w/o this pig.

Majik said...

I think we need to get these two ladies on a joint reality show...I have a theme song (kinda stolen from the Patty Duke Show):

Meet Lindsay, who's f****d most everyone,
From Wilder V. to Morton's son.
But Britney's married more than once.
That guy in Vegas and the Dunce--
What a crazy pair!

But they're Starlets,
Media harlots all the way.
One pair of matching trainwrecks,
For the two—we should pray.

Our Britney’ gone and shaved her head,
And left the kids with ex, K-Fed
Our Lindsay loves to snort the blow,
Will rehab work? Maybe –no.
What a wild duet!

Still, they're Starlets,
Media harlots and you'll find,
They drink alike, they use alike,
At times they even f*** alike --

It isn’t random,
Most Starlets are trainwrecks like them.

I couldn't resist. said...

She would do Andy Dick if that was the only dick around.

Unknown said...

Libby said...
Isn't a 'mensch' a good guy?
I was being sarcastic. :)

Unknown said...

Ten years from now she'll claim in a interview that she's only been with 4 men in her entire life.

Patsy said...

Great tune there Majik. Gonna be stuck in my head all night. :)

Moonmaid said...

Majik, you must write songs for a living. That was awesome!


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