Friday, September 21, 2007

How Come We Haven't Heard About This?

On Wednesday, the rapper Twista and his tour bus were pulled over in Michigan while they were en route to perform in Detroit. Police pulled the bus over because they suspected Twista and his group of possessing illegal drugs.

What was originally a two car traffic stop turned into seven police cars who shut down one lane on an interstate for two hours just to search the tour bus. The result of their search? Nothing, nada, zilch.

The manager of Twista, Rawle Stewart accuses the Michigan State Police of racial profiling and knows they wouldn't pull over Britney's tour bus even or any other white star.

Stewart went on to say, " I think it was a case of profiling because they immediately assumed we had drugs and told us they found residue, but was letting us off with a warning. It was so petty. When it was all said and done, we didn't even get a ticket. They gave us a lecture like, 'In Michigan we don't tolerate that and if you come through our state again, you will get locked up.' There's people on the interstate passing by like, Is that Twista? They said to us 'This may help your career or it may hurt your career, but we don't tolerate that in Michigan.'"

I have to agree that this seems like such a waste of time. The police responded by saying the tour bus operator is a known drug trafficker. Well they weren't operating the bus were they?


MEP said...

God they sounds so ridiculously stupid. They may as well have said, "If you here black people come through our parts again, we won't tolerate it, we won't. You drug-dealin' black people."


Random said...

i'm thinking they'd have a better chance of finding drugs on britney's tour bus, honestly.

Unknown said...

This sounds about right for the "D". I lived there for nine years so I have seen the mentality of the MSP. I live in Houston now. Not much better but at least I got out of the Mitten.

JMS said...

"Living in America ..." Louisiana (Jena6), Michigan, a city near you, etc.

ablake said...

Amen Kamie, lived there for 4 years. Would not go back for all the tea in china.

Speaking of, seems like MI cops have other things to be concerned about

Jena 6 is another topic entirely..


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