Friday, September 21, 2007

Sex And The City Photos From The First Three Days Of Filming

The photos are in order of the days of filming, but you never know what order they are shooting it, so what happens is a big guess. I love guessing so here is how I see it so far. Carrie Bradshaw has become a dementor and is trying to suck the soul out of Mr. Big with a dementor's kiss.
After successfully completing her mission, Carrie strolls the streets looking for more outrageous fashions and someone who wants to have sex with a 40ish single person who acts 20.
Not realizing that Mr. Big didn't have any soul to begin with, he appears fine and wants to get his revenge on Carrie for trying to suck his soul because she didn't know.

Charlotte, thinking Mr. Big has come back from the dead screams as she sees Mr. Big approach.
When realizing he is still alive and has no soul, Charlotte begins crying because she always finds men with lots and lots of problems and for once would like to find a guy with no soul and and who isn't as high maintenance as her.
Completing her quest for some really bad fashion, Carrie licks her lips in anticipation of someone getting to close to the growth on her chest and it sure as hell isn't her breasts. Meanwhile the elderly women in NY are wondering what the hell she's wearing, even though they themselves are wearing work boots more suitable for a construction site.


Mistik said...

OK, someone make Patricia Field drink hemlock if she's the one doing the costumes for this....

I thought the little Eiffel Tower bag was bad .... until I saw the Orchid that Ate Brooklyn growing on Carrie's chest.


Unknown said...

LOL Thanks Ent. I think I am going to like your plotline better then the one in the actual movie!! :) That white dress is hideous.

ablake said...

Chris Noth was much hotter in the early days of law and order, if you ask me. Which no one did, so I'll hush :)

Reese said...

It's already a train wreck. SJP is too ugly for words and they are all ungodly annoying. The story line will be insipid and as was stated by many the other day, even for those who care this is several years too late. Awful, awful, awful!

Your commentary was delightful, Enty!

Judi said...

This is just ridiculous. Done and moved on.

Miss X said...

Clearly, I'm the only one around here who will actually go see this movie.

I do agree about SJP. She is one homely woman. The humongous orchid doesn't detract from that fact.

But, the story of friendships that prevail and the quest for Mr. Right while dating lots of Mr. Wrongs will continue to win me over.

Is it just me or does Charlotte look pregnant? Could be the polka dot dress. Polka dots should only be worn by young children, old women and maybe pregnant women.

Unknown said...

Charlotte IS pregnant, Carrie and Big are apartment hunting and Patricia Field IS doing the costumes.

Anonymous said...

I did love the series, but I thought it ended on the perfect note - all of the story lines wrapped up just the way you wanted them to. Nothing was unresolved and everyone was just where you wanted them to be. I'm not sure I see a need for the movie.

Unknown said...

SJP may be...erm...not so astoundingly beautiful...but she DOES still have a KILLER BODY.

Still, won't be wathcing this movie ;)

MnGddess said...

Sadly, I think Ent's commentary would make a better script than anything else written.


mandjo said...

Well, This is different!!!!!

Kitty said...

That first picture of Carrie kissing Big is awful. She's never looked worse!

When I heard they were doing a SATC movie, I thought they were a bit long in the tooth. Since I loved the series (except for Samantha's lesbo sidetrack), I'll watch the movie. But I don't have high hopes for it.


Miss X said...

Thanks, Mulder! :)

lou2u said...

Whatever. To all those that have nothing better to do except post hateful comments, I bet YOU are actually FUGLY (you certainly are on the inside). A LOT of people ARE looking forward to this movie. Frankly, I am glad that I won't have to sit in the same theater with some of you. I can tell by your comments that your breath is probably cunty (and NOT in a good way). BTW, if you don't care, then why post?

schneefloeckli said...

Carrie Bradshaw has become a dementor and is trying to suck the soul out of Mr. Big with a dementor's kiss.
Looove it! Carrie Bradshaw FTL!

Tracee said...

And I can see you have a better reason to post Lou2u than most of us. And I guess you have a lot of experience with cunty breath.

Unknown said...

Charlotte is carrying a bag called Berkley Girl. I just googled it and discovered that it is a store for "tween" girls that sells clothing, accessories, and gifts. What could this mean???

Missjenny619 said...

I'm sick of all the spoiler pictures already. Knock it off! I don't want to feel as though I know the whole plot before the movie has even wrapped its production.

Hopefully the blog sites were right and that most of the pictures we have seen are "set ups' to throw people off.

Also, wouldn't be funny if the day before the movie opens, women all over the US were camped out in front of theaters (like geeks do for Star Wars and Harry Potter)? Except that we will be all glammed up and there on't be a storm trooper in sight! Let's make it happen ladies!


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