Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's Blind Items--Courtesy Of Our Emmy Spy

There is lots more to come today including Random Photos, more Emmy photos, and Guess The Celebrity. It is also just 48 hours until the Timmy reveal. I will give one last hint this evening at some point. Probably about halftime of the football game. No hints tomorrow on Timmy.

All of these took place last night.

#1 A male Emmy winner last night took at least two different kinds of pills last night as well as 3 or 4 lines of coke. He also kept getting drinks, taking one swallow and then setting it down and getting another drink. He never took more than one swallow from any drink.

#2 This former female Academy Award winner was drinking and drinking and got in a discussion about real and fake breasts, flashed her own and said, "all real baby."

#3 This closeted celebutard made a big show of making out with women, but was seen off in a corner getting a phone number from this gay B list television actor.


That Guy said...

1. hmmm, someone in Hollywood doing drugs. I am intrigued by the one sip rule they followed though.

2.Am I the only one that could see Sally Field saying this?

3. haha I would LOVE for it to be Mario Lopez.

Unknown said...

#1 - Piven

SpaSuzy said...

2. Did Elaine Stritch win an Oscar???? She was a howl last of the FEW entertaining people on stage last night (Yes, I'm talking to you Seacrest). I can totally see her getting plastered and flashing.

Colbert and Stewart were also funny. Best line of the night has to go to James Spader for dissing the Theatre in the Round Seats!

Unknown said...

fear of knock-out inserts. one -two sips are not risky. Not because of the meds who just knock you out or let you do some dumb stuff, but because you dont know the effects in combo with the pills you take anyway. at least these reactions you know from previous experiences.

the second best, if you are a private clubber who doesnt get those drinks for free, is to ask for closed bottles. Does not work with cocktais, but these you can order at the bar, not the waiter.

SpaSuzy said...

Thanks for the 411 Brit mean dschingis!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

#3: from the emmy post: I think Helen Mirren is the only person Mario Lopez hasn't hit on yet. Yet

ding ding ding

Reese said...

A "former female" Academy Award winner, or a female previous Academy Award winner, Enty? Sorry, the bad sentence actually changes the context rather substantially. Are you pulling out another "Timmy" on us? (Kidding!)

parissucksliterally said...

this "former female"? Is there a post-op actress we don't know about? Timmy/Shimmy back from the dead?

Pinky said...

1) Spader or Piven
2) Helen Mirren
3) Mario's as good as any other, with TR Knight?

each of the two said...

i have a director friend who is good friends with helen mirren, and has directed her on many occasions, and tell tales (true!) of how promiscuous and raunchy the lady was and is.

his actual quote was, "who in england HASN'T helen fucked?"

shocking but fun!

Pinky said...

Hey Enty - You know I love you and want only the best for you, but I REALLY REALLY HATE the double-underlined links that pop up when your cursor touches them. It is, in fact, so annoying that I have stopped visiting sites that do that.

Does anyone else feel the way I do about this? Thanks.

princessj1987 said...

1. Spader
2. Helen Mirren
3. Seacrest(still not out)

Ashley said...

Seacrest fits #3, but he's not a celebutard.

jlb said...

Pinky - I'm with you - the underline/box combo is very annoying!

#1 I'm on the Piven train - although James Spader is looking puffy - could be him

#2 lol if it is Sally Field

#3 Seacrest

Shelly said...

1. The Piv
2. Helen Mirren
3. Larry Birkhead

Unknown said...


i entered with internet explorer to see what you mean... :-)

you can block pop-ups in IE too. But install the mozilla firefox browser and then install the adblock filterset and adblock plus add-ons. (self actualizing)

you will never have that problem again. plus you wont see google ads and other blinking stuff. Whatever annoying ads some more people blacklist, it will vanish for you too. And the best is that depending on the website programming, you can block pieces of that site wich will never appear again. like if you dont like ents citylights graphics... click and ..., they´re gone until you explicitely activate them again.


@ent: i kept your citylights pic. i like it :-)

Unknown said...


for the first time i saw the ads for bamboo, bags and jewlery and shopfamous. i clicked on one to support ent. because of his timmy bi.

but now ill go straight back on firefox. that was enough ads for this month.


@ent again: in case you read this. the korean stuff page takes waaaay to long to load.

Pinky said...

Thanks, DSChingas, even if I had a clue as to what you said, I'm on a work computer and they're in lockdown so I can't. And pop-ups are blocked, but not this kind. :-/

Unknown said...

its another browser called firefox. and you can download and install two extensions wich block those annoying ads. i did not see them on ents site until you mentioned them.


maybe for your home computer its a good idea.

see you!

Tracee said...

#1-Spader or Piven. Hope it's Piven, but Spader does have the pill popper piece.

#2-Felcity Huffman. DK really.

#3-Larry Fuckhead

Tracee said...

I mean face, not piece. It's 420 here peeps. 420.

Majik said... time of the day.

#3 Larry Birkhead--Perez has a pic of him with two "ladies" at the Emmy after-party.

GammaGirl said...

1. Piven....definitely Piven.

2. I'm gonna go with Helen Mirren on this one. She's a feisty old lady and I LOVE IT!

3. Seacrest isn't really a celebutard , but he fits. Could he have made any more homophobic jokes? Talk about overkill.

Angela said...

#2: the BI might not be properly written if it's Helen Mirren as she's the latest Academy Award winner, not so "former" after all.

Sally Field is a former Oscar winner. She's got two of them actually.

Miss X said...

No idea on #1.

#2 cracked me up and my first thought was Sally Field. Helen Mirren sounds like a good fit, too

#3 Ryan Seacrest...he isn't really an actor, isn't he more of a celebutard?

Kelsey said...

I could totally see Helen Mirren for #2 HAHA I love her!

CincyNat said...

Agree with Spader (#1), Helen Mirren (#2)(also, wish my boobs were still as high as hers and I am way younger and mine are real, too), and Larry B. for #3, although why on earth was he anywhere near the Emmys? And Spasuzy? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Pinky, you can turn the ads off. Hover over one of them to get the popup, then click on the question mark at the upper right. It will take you to a Vibrant In-text Advertising page where there is a link and you can opt to disable them. Close your browser when done and restart and no more annoying little flyover ads! WOOHOO!

Mother Campfire said...

It was TOTALLY Piven. Did you see how sweaty and rambling he was?

Pinky said...

Cali girl, me heart you. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Pinky! They were driving me apesh*t this morning too :-)

Idontwantaf*ckingblog said...

Helen Mirren - people, please. If she unleashed those cans of hers, she'd need a rodeo wrangler to get them back into her bra! Bless her. Besides, there was no easy way for Helen to easily flash in that dress she was wearing.

I'm going with Sally Field. She was wearing a strapless.

Pinky said...

D'oh! Never thought of the clothing angle, Kris. Well thought out!

Khemenu said...

For #1 he never says it's an vote is on Jerry Bruckheimer who won for The Amazing Race

Unknown said...

Cali Girl - you're my hero!! <3

Unknown said...

I think #1 is Thomas Hayden Church or whatever his name is. He looked completely out of it and his acceptance speech made zero sense.

peawry said...

#3 I think the Blist tv actor is Wenty Miller.

PicadillyCircus888 said...

#1. Piven
#2. Sally Field - Watch Norma Rae sometime or any other number of movies from that era. That woman has the best tits!
#3. ?


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