Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It's not that Ashley Olsen looks ugly wearing that top, it just doesn't seem like an 1130am going to Starbucks kind of top which is what she was doing. It's more like hey, I'm going to Vegas and I want to be a go go dancer and it's my life kind of top.
When is the last time you saw an Alicia Keys out and about shot? It's been awhile and shows you that stars can be stars and not have to get themselves photographed 20 times a day just because they crave attention.
Anne Hathaway and her mom discuss why Anne has the big fug look going. Or, Anne's mom could be telling her that Anne's simulated oral sex technique is all wrong if some guy is talking on the phone at the same time.
Spencer was too cheap to buy a decent engagement ring for his "girlfriend." Now he won't even spring for the real trip to Venice and instead makes her go through that bacteria pond they have out in Vegas and try and pretend it's romantic in 120 degree heat and people gawking at you and some guy or in this case girl with their fake Italian accent.

Hell of a romantic vacation when you come back looking pissed off at the world. I would love to see Scarlett and Ryan fight. I guarantee you it would be hellacious. Not blood and hooker salacious like an Amy Winehouse fight, or cracked out fighting like Whitney and Bobby, but just plain old fashioned screaming and cussing done with equal fervor.
The next step Owen lost his shorts completely. Good lord man, there is a string there. Use it.
That smile is the real Katherine Heigl.
Fergie in Poland showing the whole country her technique.


kellygirl said...

I'd rather see Scarlett and Ryan make-up after a fight!
oooops, did I say that outloud?

Did Alicia Keyes have some work done? Her face looks a lot softer lately. Maybe a nose job or something, or eyebrow lift? I can't quite figure it out.

Heidi and Spencer are the biggest losers in town. PLEEEEEZE don't print pix of them. They actually think it's good publicity.

Unknown said...

That smile is the real Katherine Heigl.
So, Ent, are you saying that despite the rumors and innuendo, she is not a bitch?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Ashley Olsen's shirt looks like something you would sew together from the bark of trees so you can cover yourself on a desert island.

audrey said...

Uh Spencer...Heidi looks like she's not that into you. Seriously she looks like she can barely tolerate his touch.

Unknown said...

Is that Ashlee Simpson commandeering the gondola?

I would like to think that KH is not the bitch that is being reported.

kellygirl said...

IDK if KH is a bitch, but she is clearly a fame whore. She never stopped yapping her mouth during the Knight/Washington Drama, and now she's showing up at the IVY. You only go to the IVY for one thing, and it ain't the Caesar Salad.

mandjo said...

If you want to see plain old-fashioned cussing and screaming, come on over to my house! haha

Stacey Charter said...

I say KH won an Emmy - let her be a fame whore for a few days. she hasn't always been one and i also hope the beeatch stuff is not true.

As for Spencer (Staeve Sanders ) and Heidi EEEEHHHHHHUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!
Blech - and why is she wearing a fricking jacket in vegas? At least take it off when you are outside... but of course that would mean that spencer (steve sanders) would actully be touching her skin. LOL

and the Fergie pic... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Ah ent - you can always make me laugh!!

Stacey Charter said...

oh and Ymmmmm to Ryan! Loved him since 2 guys a girl and a Pizza place. God remember that one?

mooshki said...

I love you, Ent, but please do not EVER tell Owen to cover up his bod.


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