Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amy Winehouse Wants Children

I know we always say if this person has kids the world will end, but I think if Amy Winehouse and Blake-Hyphenated decide to have kids the world would stop spinning. In all honesty, rich or poor, famous or not, I can't imagine too many people in this world who would be more unsuitable parents. Amy can't even take care of herself and now she wants to have kids? I can't imagine even having sex with Amy Winehouse. Well actually I can and as much as it pains me to say I almost would prefer having sex with Paris Hilton. Almost. I think Amy would be more fun, and wouldn't be looking at herself in the mirror or looking at her watch or talking on her cell. Anyway, I digress. Lucky for us, Amy wants to concentrate on music first. Not getting better or trying to stop cutting herself, but her music.

"I'm writing some new stuff and can't wait to be back on tour. I would like to have children one day but I'm concentrating on work just now."

Amy also says she is now completely recovered from what landed her in the hospital and she doesn't see any need to go to rehab because she's "not ill."

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Amy stated, "I'm sorted. Nothing's wrong with me. I didn't enjoy rehab and I don't want to go back. I missed my friends and my parents.
"There's nothing wrong with me. In fact, I feel better than I've ever felt before."

Well, I'm glad you feel better than ever before, but you still look like absolute crap, and if you can't change your own clothes how in the hell are you ever going to change a diaper 6 times a day and make sure a baby is fed.


Unknown said...

Give her Brittany's.

budford said...

Ok bad idea - just in case you have too many yesmen around.

budford said...

Ok bad idea - just in case you have too many yesmen around.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Time will tell.

mandjo said...

Dear God Nooooo!

Jerry said...

I'm not even sure why I know this woman's name.


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