Monday, September 17, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I didn't know they made heels to go with cargo shorts. See, I learned something new today and next time a woman I am with is wearing some basic footwear with her cargo shorts I can say, "but don't you have some 3 inch spiked heels to wear with them?"
Peaches Geldof in her runway debut. Probably her exit as well.

"See, I'm country." Seriously, why the hell would she decide to wear this outfit right after the news about her country album? Maybe it's some kind of favorite fantasy of Pimpa's or something but she looks like an idiot and when Daddy helped her put it on, I hope she said something before she drank the Kool-Aid.
It's been awhile since I've seen Gabrielle Anwar. When I was less obese and in between wives 1 and 2 or it could have been 2 and 3, she was a bunch of fun to hang out with, and not just because she always paid.
Next time you see Courteney Cox in a magazine looking all wonderful I want you to remember this photo and think to yourself that this is a woman who looks like the GEICO caveman but with black hair instead of brown.
Britney's cover for her new single.
I know most of you are not on the Rumer train, but I think I'm willing be a passenger, let her be the conductor, have her take my ticket, hop on for a ride, let her blow my whistle, or show her my sleeping berth.

You know I'm not a fan of Victoria, but when she takes off her sunglasses, and doesn't wear makeup like stage paint, then she actually looks like she could be friendly. She's not, but she looks like she could be.

Uma taking some photos for an upcoming issue of Harper's.
Sophie Marceau shows up in Berlin.


Unknown said...

Courtney Cox looks like a 65-year-old on a very bad day. She's either had facial work done or is in need of it. Sometimes it's hard to tell because it can get overdone to the point of looking like improvement is needed.

Majik said...

Does the DOH wardrobe dept. know that Jessica's wearing their costume?

God help us if she decides to put out a hip-hop album--she'll be wearing every stereotyped article of clothing there is.

Might as well wear a sign, doll.

Unknown said...

Peaches Geldof=not so preety
Gabrielle Anwar=fucking gorgeous!!!

Charles said...

Gabrielle Anwar is the highlight of Burn Notice, and that's saying something!

Stephanie said...

Eh... I think jessica looks cute. Perhaps, a little too on the nose but cute.

Miss X said...

I think Jess looks cute, too.

Reese said...

Gabrielle has held up pretty well over the years (she's great on "Burn Notice") but I was disappointed to see that she now sports Meg Ryan-like fake lips. So unnecessary, and so unattractive. At least she's not Botoxed into oblivion.

CincyNat said...

It's weird that celebrity offspring (in this case, Peaches& Rumer)whose parents could afford to send them to any college in the world and be whatever they want, just want to be in the limelight. Desperately. said...

Dear God, where did Victoria Beckham find that hot Green Giantess outfit? Is she a vegetarian?

Oh wait, she's an airtarian.

noel said...




but I think you forgot boozetarian, shop 'til you droptarian, beardtarian and snarkytarian, just to name a few...

__-__=__ said...

Yes, maybe Rumor should take a lesson from Shakira. Peaches Geldof should not quit her day job. Jessica looks like horrible. She is now a lost soul, like Brit. Love Gabrielle Anwar’s style, very nice. What a seriously bad pic of Courtney! Hope she has a good excuse for that! I like the Green Giantess outfit – on VB. Looks very Paco Rabanne:

And, for the record, FMP’s NEVER go with cargo pants!!!


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