Friday, September 21, 2007

Nothing Says Diva Like A Little KFC

The president of KFC, Gregg Dedrick has extended an invitation to Jennifer Lopez and her husband to have an after party at anyone of the 5,500 KFC's across the country.

In his letter, Dedrick said, "We would like to offer you, your entourage and a few VIP guests an 'all access' pass to the KFC location of your choice. You have a bucketful of choices for 'after-party' locations because KFC has more than 5,500 restaurants across the country."Hearing about your fondness for KFC was music to our ears, so just name the time and the place and we'll open our doors to you for a post-concert feast."

It's a great idea from KFC, but if you read closely, they are actually being pretty cheap about it. Jennifer and her entourage can eat for free, but only a few VIP guests. Everyone else I guess has to go ahead and pay for their chicken. If you really could get Jennifer Lopez to come eat at a KFC after a concert, are you really going to make everyone go up to the cashier and order their 3 piece meal?


Unknown said...

As if J Lo and Skeletor can't afford their own KFC.

wood1107 said...

Mmmmm. KFC.

Anonymous said...

I love KFC's public relations person! They have been offering KFC left and right to all the celebs any time one of them says anything about chicken. Whoever they are gets serious credit (or probably reads gossip sites all day long like the rest of us)

Majik said...

A couple of years back, KFC had a promo where you could win something like $10000 for first prize...all the other prizes were chicken. Cheap ass mo-fos.

KFC is expensive ass shyte--and baaaaaaaaad for ya.

Beth said...

It's actually Marc Anthony that loves the KFC, not Jennifer. They did an interview with Access Hollywood and Jennifer was bitching that every night after the show they have to stop by a KFC cause Marc loves the stuff. So there's buckets of KFC all over the tour bus. Jen hates it, Marc loves it.


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