Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Even though it's a movie, you just know in your heart of hearts that Jessica Simpson has been in this position before.
Let the Jennifer Aniston baby bump rumors begin. Of course she could just be getting fat like Marc Anthony called Jennifer Lopez when denying her pregnancy.
I just wanted to post a photo of The Rock playing with a Barbie doll.
Forget about Beyonce's new hair color, her damn eyelashes are almost to her eyebrows which would make one hell of a uni brow. I have experience with uni brows, and then when I tried to fix it, ended up with no brows, but I just told everyone I had been freebasing and burned them off to make it sound cool.
You thought I was going to say speaking of freebasing didn't you? No, Ben Affleck is just thrilled to not be on a damn playground.
Well at least Vince Vaughn is down to two chins from the four he was sporting previously.

Tara Reid's new guy kind of looks like Ryan Reynolds, but I haven't seen Ryan carrying a man purse, and he was in LA doing Scarlett so this is probably just his doppelganger.
Prince has got more makeup on than his date.
From the set of Lost. I won't show you what happened right before this because I don't want to ruin it for you in case you watch, but it did have something to do with a gun.
Ummm. Does Kim Kardashian really need another camera?


Tracee said...

Ent, heehee, you Vaughn comment, heehee, funny!

Thanks for another delicious pic of the ROCK. Yummers.

Tracee said...

Oh. And Kim doesn't need a camera, but she could use a brush.

Unknown said...

Beyonce is slowly morphing into Kim Kardashian! But I like her new haircolor. It looks more natural. Her makeup, however, does not.

Gina Tay said...

Now I understand why Kim mostly poses with her lips slightly open, this wide grinned smile makes her look SCARY!!! Plus her face now looks a little devilish, yikes!

kellygirl said...

Kim K needs many many things, but a camera is definitely not one of them.

Vince V is scaring me

Aniston, you fell outta' The Zone

Prince's date, I want your necklace!

Jolara said...

Gee, I wish I could look so "pregnant" as jennifer does. Hollywood is rough on us girls... to look "good" bellies must be concave unless you are preganant or KK. Now she's nasty.

Unknown said...

You just KNOW that Kim Kardashian is waaaay hirsute.

wood1107 said...

True dat. She probably waxes her moustache. And is it true she's had butt implants? (re. KK).

Kelsey said...

LOL @ the jessica simpson comment! said...

I always love a snarky Affleck comment.

Unknown said...

Is Lost back on in the US yet?? Is that pic of Matthew Fox from the show or from filming the show? I can't wait for it to come back here in Australia.

Unknown said...

Jessica Simpson is well past her celebrity peak. She should move back to Texas right now to save her the slow, embarrasing slide down the celebrity ladder to anonimity.

mandjo said...

OK Please don't laugh, but I think Jen A. looks nice in that pic.

Miss X said...

Ellebee, Lost doesn't come back on in the U.S. until FEB 2008. :(

Let the Jen A pregnancy rumors begin! Anyone remember the BI about the A-lister w/o an obvious BF who is pregnant? This was a month or 2 ago. Is Ent revealing something here or just throwing us a red herring?


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