Thursday, November 08, 2007

FOX Loves The Strike

Despite the fact that 24 is on hold indefinitely, and that Kiefer Sutherland agreed to all that jail time for nothing, Peter Chernin, president and COO of Fox's corporate parent, News Corp, said that "a strike is probably a positive for the company." He noted that Fox airs more non-scripted and primetime animated shows than its competitors -- shows that are unaffected by the strike. "We would expect if anything that it would lift our market share and have us win this season by an even greater margin than we expect to," Chernin said.

What he is also saying is that if they win the ratings by huge margins they will be able to charge advertisers more, and thus make more money than the other networks.

I'm sure the writers love hearing the fact that a network has the chance to make more money without the writers than with them. Makes that endless circle a little tougher to walk.


Judi said...

Chernin's delusional.

Anonymous said...


See Me Repeat Me said...

But oh, the (lack of) quality of many of these shows! The only animated program in that whole lineup that isn't a complete piece of shit is "King Of The Hill", all of Fox's supposed original reality programming is shamelessly lifted from other sources, and the only regular programs that are on Fox that are actually worth watching are the scripted ones, e.g. "House", "Bones", "24", etc. So ha ha, douchebag Chernin, the joke is on YOU if you think you can maintain any kind of market respectability. Just suck it up and recognize that other nets (both broadcast and non-) are doing a lot better programming and will eat your ass for lunch once this writers' strike is over.


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