Monday, November 05, 2007

One More Seinfeld Episode?

Jerry Seinfeld has revealed that he has been planning on doing one more Seinfeld episode which would wrap everything up. Although he has said that he thinks it might be too late because the last DVD of the show has been released, he has heard from the other cast members that they would all do it, if he could put the script together.

"I didn't think it could happen now. It would've had to happen because this (new DVD 'Seinfeld: The Complete Series') is the last DVD coming out, so now would've been the time to do it. (But) there were too many things happening at the same time. Then, I got a call from a few people in the cast, and they said they were willing, so maybe it isn't too late after all. "

I do feel kind of an unresolved angst because of the way the last episode ended, BUT, to wrap up everything in a nice bow would seem to be the antithesis of what the show was about. There were no nice neat happy endings at the end of the show. It was just one big long discussion which wouldn't end until they all died or I guess found other friends or got married.

I kind of like the idea of them sitting in a jail cell, forced to endure each other for years and years. That is how it should be. In their eyes the world revolved around them, and this was in essence the perfect tribute to them and their lives.

Of course if the writer's stike goes on for very long and I am focred to watch reality television for the next four months, I will be probably salicate for a new Seinfeld episode.

5 comments: said...

Who the hell is he kidding? He'd make a mint off a "Seinfeld: The Last Episode" DVD. All he has to do is add some cast commentary and voila!

He needs to go harrass some delivery people or something.

jax said...

"What's the deal with not letting the show die?You ever notice that?"

(canned laughter)

kellygirl said...

I think they should get Larry King a part.

audrey said...

Just a quick question..does Hez add contributions to this blog? Seems to me more and more of the gossip items and catty remarks above the random picture posts sound more in her style than that of a male lawyer who is claiming he plays with the ladies.

Jerry said...

Proof positive the writers strike has begun:

I will BE PROBABLY SALICATE for a new Seinfeld episode.

And proof positive that Hez didn't write this.


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