Monday, November 05, 2007

Vince Says He's The One Who Broke Up With Jen

Despite what every report has ever said about their relationship, Vince Vaughn insists he and Jennifer Aniston didn't break up because he is a womanizer, but rather he ended the relationship because he didn't like the media attention.

Vince said: "If you go out with someone famous, you'll get a certain level of attention around you but it was never something I focused on. And ultimately I do the best I can - I make my movies, and that's all you really can do. I've never done a lot of magazine covers. I don't go to a lot of premieres. I don't really cultivate that. For me I've always made the best movies I can make and then just walked away."

I think it is kind of sad that he was the first to talk about the break-up in public and then tries to make himself seem like he was in love with her, was really into her, but that he just couldn't handle the press and media, because he isn't that kind of guy. That is such crap. He is using the media with the interview to throw himself in a good light and make it seem like he was the perfect angel, when in fact, he wasn't.

Meanwhile he doesn't give Jen any room to maneuver here at all. What can she do? If she comes out and says what really happened then she will look like a victim again which she doesn't want or whiny and a victim which is worse. On the other hand she must be pissed that he is getting away from this looking like a good guy. She just doesn't have any luck at all. Well, except for Friends and the $1M per episode. I guess that's lucky. Some of you would say having sex with Brad Pitt is lucky, but then she also had to work with David Schwimmer for all those years, so it kind of cancels out doesn't it?

Plus, she has to put up with Courteney Cox knocking on her door every minute asking if she will watch Coco while she and David try on each other's clothes.


Khemenu said...

I gotta believe she knew what she was getting when she started dating him. I'm not saying anyone deserves to be cheated on but don't try to make a ho a housewife and you don't try to make Vince Vaughn your monogomous boyfriend.

Are you paying attention Jessica Simpson?

jax said...

Gee I though ho was short for i guess i have other career aspirations now.

Ya any woman who thinks they can tame the beast in Vince is delusional. He's the new Cloon of relationships.

Unknown said...

Plus, she has to put up with Courteney Cox knocking on her door every minute asking if she will watch Coco while she and David try on each other's clothes.

WTF is this about?

YahMoBThere said...

Calla, sounds like the answer to a previous blind item, to me.

Unknown said...

That's what I was thinking, but the only one I could remember was this one ... surely not?

jin said...

ahhh so arquette is the cross dresser.

he would make such a pretty girl!

Unknown said...

Oh...I must've missed the cross dresser BI.

littleoleme said...

Dude is wearing white socks with dark the beach.(or is this a shot from a movie set hence the really bad beachwear by both). She should be lucky she's rid of this guy. I don't see his appeal.

kellygirl said...

sounds like a reveal to me.
any cross-dressing blinds come to mind?

jlb said...

I think that's the most positive you've ever been about Jen ent!

I have to agree on the reveal....I think David may look more womanly then Courtney - hell, look at his sister/brother Alexis.


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