Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hogan Family As Bad As Oprah

Nick Hogan turned himself in this morning on charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury in connection (a third-degree felony, punishable by a maximum five years in prison); using a motor vehicle in commission of a felony; being under age 21 and operating a vehicle while having a breath-alcohol level of .02 percent or higher; and having illegal window tinting. His actual blood alcohol level was 0.055 percent which would not be legally drunk in any state, but is above the .02 limit for minors.

When you look at someone like Lane Garrison and then you look at Oprah, and now the Hogan family, you see a huge difference and you have to respect Lane for what he did after the crash, and wish everyone else would follow his lead.

In a twenty line statement released by the Hogan family attorneys, approximately three lines were devoted to the recovery of John Graziano who was a passenger in the vehicle when it crashed, and will be hospitalized for the remainder of his life.

Here is the entire statement:

"Nick and the entire 'Hogan' Bollea family are saddened that criminal charges have been filed in regards to the tragic single car accident on August 26, 2007. Nick will meet and answer these charges in the appropriate arena – a court of law. The family's primary focus and concern still remains for the continued recovery of Nick's longtime friend John Graziano. The Bolleas will also continue to stand by the Graziano family and help them in any way they can.

Actually 2.5 lines devoted to the recovery of John. Notice that only the Hogan family is saddened that criminal charges were filed against Nick. They don't say the Graziano family is upset about the charges do they? Also, do you think there is any way in this world that if Brooke was a passenger in a car and this happened to her, that the Hogans would be saddened if criminal charges were filed against that driver? Hypocrites. It is also clear that by releasing this statement, their "primary focus and concern" is not on John, but instead on getting Nick off.

"The tragedy to both families is compounded by the fact that unfortunately John was not wearing his seatbelt. Thankfully, Nick was wearing his. Because of what happened to John, the entire Bollea family will make it a priority to increase public awareness about the importance of always wearing your seatbelt.

What the Hogans are saying is "It's not Nick's fault that John is in a hospital, it's John's fault for not wearing a seatbelt. Nick wore a seatbelt and is fine, and if that Graziano kid wore one he would be fine too. But, because this is sad, we are going to do some PSA's to get people to wear their seatbelt. Maybe we will even roll out some people in wheelchairs to make us look better."

"There has been much speculation as to the speed and wet road conditions surrounding this accident. Although all the evidence has not been evaluated, preliminary reports from the experts indicate that this was not, in fact, a high-speed accident.

Ummm. What experts? They could be related to the experts Oprah hired to investigate her school. Those "experts" do get around don't they? It seems that it would be pretty easy to say if the road was wet or not wet, and to determine the speed. When the "experts" get done they will say it was sunny and dry even though it was wet and at night. They will also determine that Nick was going 20 miles per per hour and braked abruptly to keep from running into a group of nuns crossing the street, but not in an approved crosswalk, and thus saving them from certain death at the risk of his own.

"Because Nick is still a juvenile and has no prior criminal record, we are disappointed that he is being charged as an adult offender. However, we are confident that the evidence will demonstrate that this was an accident. We ask all who follow these events to keep an open mind as to the facts until they have been ultimately determined. Finally, we thank all who have prayed for John's recovery and ask for your continued support and prayers."

Yay. John got another 1.5 lines, but of course have to make sure that everyone knows Nick is a juvenile and would never do anything wrong. They make it seem like this is the first time he has ever been speeding. How many tickets does he have again?


Unknown said...

Who the hell wrote this statement for them?!?! Any PR person even REMOTELY competent would not have let this piece of crap be released.

Wow. "It's not us, it's not our fault, feel bad for US."


Moosefan said...

Someone I love was murdered by a drunk driver. It was her 5th time being arrested for driving under the influence-3rd time blowing over the alcohol limit. When she woke up at the hospital-after cussing out the police, throwing up in the ambulance and reminding everyone "who she was and how much money her family had"-she said what happend to the deer I hit? Dumb twit thought she hit a deer. She killed a wife, mother of 3, daughter, sister, aunt, nurse and friend.
Please Please Please-NEVER EVER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL EVEN IF YOU HAVE HAD 1 DRINK! Sorry for being a downer on this fun site, but stuff like this makes my stomach turn.

Reese said...

I can't remember where I read this, but that little Hogan punk had bragged that the night of the crash (I am almost positive it was the night of the crash) that he had been pulled over three times by various Florida police/sheriffs for speed violations and reckless driving and had gotten off with a warning each time the moment his "celebrity" was recognized. That is repugnant and inexcusable; had it been anyone else they would have been ticketed (at minimum). The gall of the Hogan family in this situation is nothing short of breathtaking. I hope the little monster rots in jail for as long as legally possible. I don't think this will haunt him emotionally for the rest of his life as it appears he completely lacks any semblance of a moral conscience.

__-__=__ said...

If there is any justice left he will get way more time than Lane Garrison.

Unknown said...

Please dont compare Oprah, who tried to do something good for people who desperately need it, to these attention whoring people. The Hogans vs. Oprah? Youve got to be kidding me.

jax said...

Joseph.. good luck with that,most people on this site can't stand Poprah.

I am sick,disgusted and fuckin apalled at the audacity they have to place blame on the passenger for not wearing a seatbelt?

That is so sick and wrong.
What is wrong with these people???

YahMoBThere said...

I don't get why EL is dragging Oprah into this either. There are no dots to connect there.

He's been driving on his own for two years and he just turned 17 in July. I caught the show once and couldn't believe he was driving by himself and looked up his bday. He was in California at the time. Can any of you Californians tell me at what age a person gets a license there? They just don't follow the law. They figure they don't have to, I guess.

Reese, if that story is true, the boys family should sue the Hogans AND the police department. I'm sure they're going to have a lot of hospital bills.

Where does it say he's going to be in the hospital the rest of his life, though? EL made that statement and I'm just not seeing it.

YahMoBThere said...

Oh my God, I just read this on E!:

Hogan's passenger, 22-year-old John Graziano, a Marine who had just completed a tour of duty in Iraq, remains hospitalized, reportedly in a coma. Graziano, who wasn't wearing a seatbelt, may have also suffered brain damage caused by swelling of his brain.

This young man made it out of Iraq okay only to come home and be injured like this? It sickens me.

Unknown said...

Sorry about your loss Moosefan.... that is so sad!

Reese said...

Twisted, the story is even worse than that. The second and third police/sheriff's deputies KNEW that there had been one, and then two stops on that car that night. The third office said he would be remiss if he did nothing as he knew the other two had let the brat off, but I don't think the third guy did anything either. Absolutely those officers should be held responsible for dereliction of duty. Rest assured there will be major lawsuits involved in this. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hogans try and sue those same negligent police officers, saying that if they had ticketed/arrested poor little Nick he never would have been able to continue driving and injuring his passenger. It was all their fault, not Nick's. It would not surprise me at all.

YahMoBThere said...

Reese, that does make it worse. I can't believe how stupid those cops were. Aren't they out there to keep the streets safe for people who don't break the law? And for the family to start out their statement with sadness that criminal charges have been filed speaks volumes. Nothing about how wrong he was to be drinking at his age, or drinking and driving.

Look at his car - they're lucky they're alive:

Unknown said...

I think the Oprah comparisons are not based on the actions, rather on the similar self serving press releases/statements by each.

The acts themselves are of course imcomparable.

YahMoBThere said...'s all about them. Got it, Jenner. Thanks!

__-__=__ said...

Check his Wiki page. It's all on there.

Unknown said...

not sure about other people, but isn't the DRIVER responsible for the passengers in the car he/she is driving? any driver should remind their passengers that they should have their seatbelts on before they drive off, it's just the responsible thing to do. as a mother of a soon-to-be driver, (my son is 14) isn't it our job to also make sure these youngsters are taught these responsibilities? i have instructed him that if the passenger/s do not want to put the seatbelt on, they can get out of the car.

Anonymous said...

These celebrity people should be punish just like any other person. Don't understand why they are given priviledge even though cops, mayors, etc... say they don't give privilege (example Parasite Hilton).

Just because they are celebrities does not give them the privilege of not paying for the crimes they commit.

What does it take to see this?

YahMoBThere said...

_-_, thanks for the heads up. All those previous charges and they let this little asshole drive again? And then his father claims he wasn't racing, despite statements of witnesses. These privileged little brats are never accountable for anything. I'm sure he's getting behind the wheel of a car again, probably after drinking, because HEY - it's not HIM in a vegetative state.

Meat, I agree with you that it's the responsibility of the driver to make sure the passengers are riding safely, but this kid isn't about safety.

It's never the driver who is hurt.....

Unknown said...

That statement from the family is just…. Ugh. How about trying this approach Hogan:

“Yes, I realize that my children are both worthless pieces of pond scum. I blame not only myself, but my loony-bird wife who did most of their raising while I was on the road performing my 3 moves in the wrestling ring each night. We are extremely saddened that John has had his quality of life diminished to the point that he will probably never regain any real consciousness again and we vow to cover any and all medical expenses related to his care for the remainder of his life.

Nick being charged as an adult in this incident is very fitting as my douchebag son was not only racing recklessly, we now know that he had been drinking as well. It is my sincere hope that Nick get a strong sentence so that the prison system can finally teach him there are consequences for his actions… something that his Mother and I failed to do.”

And that should be that.

Assholes. I hope Nick rots.

jax said...

joolz forward that shit onto TMZ..they'll get er up in moments.

__-__=__ said...

Any other kid would have had his Daddy's car taken away after so many violations. Mom and Dad should spend many years visiting their mess in jail.


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