Friday, November 09, 2007

Blake Steals $400,000 From Amy To Fix Trial

In one of the biggest scoops of the year, The Daily Mirror tipped off police to the fact that Blake Fiedler Civil and his friends were attempting to fix a trial in order to keep Blake and one of his friends out of jail. The plan was to pay $400,000 plus $20,000 in expenses to have the victim leave the country and not show up for the trial due to start on Monday. In a video secretly made by The Mirror, one of the accused is heard describing how all the decisions are up to Blake since he is the one providing the money. If Amy Winehouse is innocent as police have suggested, then the only way Blake could have come up with the money is by taking the money from Amy without her knowledge. I guess there is someway that Blake could have saved $400,000 while maintaining his drug habit, or maybe he sold his hot body to men, but otherwise it wasn't just fivers he has been taking from Amy's purse. Another tragic part to this is that although the trial was just for Blake and one friend, now a group of guys are all facing possible life in prison if the charges as alleged are proved in court.

The solidarity between the parents also has seemed to vanish as Amy's dad remarked he hope Blake gets a ton of jail time so Amy can go straight, while Blake's mom thinks Amy will pay for everything and make sure Blake has the best lawyers to keep him out of the slam. My guess is that if Blake gets bail, it is either skip the country, with or without Amy, or overdose time in one big giant party. Let's hope Amy sits that one out, or that Amy's dad sits on her anyway. Have you seen the size of that guy. Why he hasn't kicked Blake's junkie ass is beyond me.

To read the entire Mirror story, click here.


Anonymous said...

Ent, thanks for the update! It's so sad that Amy fell in love with this guy. I really hope that she realizes what a complete anti-social asshole he is now.

YahMoBThere said...

I hope this is the catalyst for her dumping that creep and getting her act together.

And every report I read last night said it wasn't about drugs, yet EL put up a post with the title, "Amy Winehouse Drug Raid". That bugs.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, EL was one of the first to put up a post about it, and at the time it was assumed it WAS drugs. I was watching EL and Perez and TMZ closely.

I really hope this fucker dies or goes to jail forever. If Amy didnt give him that money, well...she's certainly not going to speak up and say he was basically stealing it from her...and if she DID give it to him, then that implicates HER!!

Its been said she was screaming at the cops, after a shouldnt-you-be-on-a-ledge-somewhere goodbye kiss, saying she wanted to go with him so
my guess is she's not learning a damn thing, and probably WILL try to support him and get him out of jail... said...

Congratulations Blake! You've managed to out-fuck up your hero, Pete Doherty.

jax said...

Junkies are people too...although this one needs a good kick in the rotten teeth.


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