Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Let's Talk About Beatrice

Unless Heather Mills kills herself or Paul McCartney I am done with this story, but I think we should talk about someone that has been largely ignored in all of this. Beatrice. The daughter of the now divorcing couple.

I know many of you out there have been divorced and probably gone through custody hearings. Maybe you have friends who have dragged things through the court system for years in an effort to either correct some perceived miscarriage of justice, or simply out of spite directed at their ex. It happens, and it isn't pretty. Awful things are said that can't be taken back and makes both parents seem unhinged even if they had been normal.

The only saving grace in all of these battles is the children are not usually present at the hearings unless they are old enough to contribute to the judge's decision on where they should live or who should have custody. The children are often exposed to verbal attacks or a parent telling them why the other parent is just an ass. Fortunately, most parents keep those thoughts to themselves, or at least wait until the child is not around before launching verbal tirades against the other parent.

Unfortunately in Beatrice's case, much of this is not available to her. Yes, she is young and there probably is little chance she will remember much of the ongoing battle between her mom and dad. What is different though, is the fact that all of these proceedings, interviews, scandals, and harangues are being reported in the newspapers and recorded on video which Beatrice will get to review as she gets older.

Do you think she really wants to hear about how her mom was a porn star or hooker. "Mommy. What does it mean to charge by the hour?" How her mom secretly tried to tape her dad saying or doing bad shit so it could be used against him in the media. Does she want to read the interview her half sister gave about Heather? How does that make a good relationship between the sisters? Does Beatrice want it revealed that the old man is having an affair with a married American woman, and was sexing her up the day of the divorce hearing between mom and dad. Does Beatrice need to know that daddy laughed at mom having one leg or that he may have said he hit his first wife. Does Beatrice wonder if daddy will hit her now?

I am actually sick of both parents. Paul for trying to get us to think he is Mr. Perfect and above any fray. Never sullying his image and protecting his value as a trademark, while trying to make us all believe he is a naive innocent in all this. That is a bunch of crap. He is just fortunate that his ex is a raving lunatic who doesn't listen to anyone's advice about anything and is slipping daily into an abyss of hatred from which it will be difficult to emerge. Do you think Beatrice is going to have great quality time with Ms. Psychopath, or Doddering Dad? Do you think they will say kind words about the other parent?

This all needs to stop. Stop fighting about money. Stop talking to the press. Just stop. They are kidding themselves if they think Beatrice doesn't understand or won't remember any of it. She might not know what is going on now, but she will know what went on and that is just as bad.


Anonymous said...

Longitudinal data shows that kids are most well adjusted when the divorced parents are cordial. When the snapping and backbiting and game playing "At mommy's house you can stay up til 11pm eating bonbons, you stick that up daddy's ass." is when the kids get messed up.

Based on how public this has gotten, poor little Bea doesn't have a chance.

__-__=__ said...

I wonder what Beatrice will think about her Aunt selling the one-leg necklace?????????/

Simone said...

"He is just fortunate that his ex is a raving lunatic who doesn't listen to anyone's advice about anything and is slipping daily into an abyss of hatred from which it will be difficult to emerge."

Yes, you hit the nail on the head with that Ent L. I don't think Paul is such a sweet guy, but I don't think he's as wicked as Heather is making him out to be. She is shooting herself in her good foot with this behavior and it's only making him look good and her look insane. Poor Beatrice now and in the future.

link88 said...

While personally I agree, it is hard to believe this is coming from a big firm lawyer who has made reference to handling DR matters in the past. "Stop fighting about money" - what you doing with famous clientele in H'Wood, Ent?

Melody the First said...

You know what, I know people who've worked with Paul McCartney. They're the kind of people who sat on the floor and smoked grass with him and can fart around him, that kind of thing. They knew him. There's not one that has a bad word to say about him and *believe me*, they tell you plenty of bad stuff about other people. Is he arrogant and conceited? Of course he is, he's an actual legend. But he's also done tons of nice stuff no one has heard of. I'm sure he's no saint, but then neither am I.

So in this, while I'm usually cynical as hell, I'm squarely on Macca's side. Heather's a psychopathic bitch from hell.

jax said...

I ain't sayin she's a goldigger but i dont see her f-ckin a broke-broke Beatle.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

And somewhere up there in heaven, John Lennon is laughing his fucking ass off.

Unknown said...

Who's the "Married American Woman" he's doin?

califblondy said...

Hey Yo, go to nypost.com for a picture of the two of them kissing and a short article. Apparently, Paul and Heather befriended a couple in the Hamptons and Paul has now hooked-up with the female half. According to the article, the Long Island couple are amicably separated.

Moonmaid said...

No one is perfect. At the end of the day, you do your best and what's best for your kids.

My father was an abusive bastard, but my mom said not one bad word about him to us before and after they divorced. It was always obvious to us what he was; she didn't have to say a thing! Even when he stopped sending child support and she had to support us on a minimum wage job.

I have zero sympathy for this woman. She should have grabbed the $50 mil and kept her crazy yapper shut, for the sake of her child.

Jolara said...

I love Paul, have always loved Paul and will continue to do so. He can't be that bad. Nothing "horrible" has ever leaked about him. so what if he smokes pot. big deal. he has done a lot of good for a lot of charities, talented, good hearted etc. and so on. She has too done charity work, but where she is icky, is that she doesn't have the class to keep her pie hole shut and keep this divorce between the two of them. Sucks he had to lose Linda and re-marry that hideous woman in the first place. She never sat right and by behaving the way she does, is proving my instincts. I wish she would get zilch and a swift kick in the bum away from him and their family. what kind of a woman uses her child to gain sympathy? the child isn't in any kind of danger. too many people love Paul, she is the one people want to lynch. Ugh, I wish that...thing would just go away in a hole and disappear.


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