Monday, November 05, 2007

What Else Could Have Been Happening In Fargo?

Recently in Fargo, North Dakota, Sheriff Paul Laney came up with the idea to stage a fake party in Ozzy Osbourne's name in order to try and catch 500 criminals. It is not the first time it has been done in recorded police history and won't be the last. Ozzy was pissed that the sheriff did it without asking him first, and accused the sheriff of being lazy.

Actually, it is a good idea, especially since Ozzy was scheduled to play a show two days after the party. The thing that got me about this story is that 500 people were invited and only 30 showed up. 30 people? In Fargo, North Dakota? What the hell else were they supposed to do? If you live in Fargo North Dakota, you are happy if you get hot fries at McDonalds. To get invited to an Ozzy Osbourne party with free booze and food and only have 30 people show up?

Ozzy shouldn't be worried about the sheriff using his name. He should be worried that only 30 people showed up to a party where he was the star. That is embarrassing. No offense or anything, but it seems like it would be his kind of crowd the sheriff invited. It isn't like he invited a bunch of criminals to go see The Jonas Brothers or something.


jax said...

Ya I don't know about using Ozzy as a point of ref anymore with criminals..dudes in his 50's and so are most of his dear fans. Not saying it wouldnt attract people of all ages..but ya know it would be more The Osbourne fans.

Around my hood if you announced a friggin Akon concert you'd get 1000 douches and at least 10 underage strippers. said...

This one's easy. All the criminals are either into country or hip-hop.

It kind of blows the rock and roller = criminal theory out of the water, doesn't it.

noel said...

nah... they were just toooo smart to fall for this crap!!!

Nicole said...

Enty, let's not be judgemental about about geographic location. I'm a proud resident of Saint Paul MN, and Fargo isn't terribly far away.

We aren't all rural halfwits. I don't appreciate your micky d's comment.


shelly said...

how did i not know about this? i live in fargo. i know paul laney. i love the prince of fucking darkness... what was i doing that i didn't even know this happened? i have to go do some research on the hundreds of articles and blog entries on this issue. i have questions!!!


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