Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Britney Gets Beaten Down By Old Guys

Britney was Number One on the Billboard charts for about six minutes yesterday. Then Billboard said crazy chick couldn't have the number one album and changed the rules. Instead of being number one, and selling 320,000 albums, Britney is actually 2nd, only sold 290,000 albums and got crushed by The Eagles who sold 711,000 copies of their latest album.

The problem was that The Eagles album can only be bought through Wal- Mart, which is coincidentally where Britney buys most of her clothes. Wal-Mart has never released sales figures to Billboard, and Billboard has never counted any albums sold at Wal-Mart until this week.

Lost in the shuffle of the beat down Britney took by The Eagles is that, even with Wal-Mart reporting, Britney lost 30,000 sales from earlier reports and has sales of 300,000 less than her previous worst effort, "In the Zone" which sold 609,000 copies in its first week and was her worst seller.

There are rumblings coming out of Jive that Britney could be dropped, because of her lack of effort in promoting the album, and the fact they are convinced now that the success of Gimme More was the result more of curiosity, than an actual desire to buy the single and that it won't be repeated. With no singles, no touring, and no promotional efforts, there are no album sales.


Unknown said...

Why are you dissing Walmart Clothes? Honest hard working people go there to shop and many clothing manufacturers bend over backwards to try and get their clothes in their stores.

It's one thing to dis trailer trash Britney, but Walmart has done more good than your shyster self or Britney will ever do to help people.

mooshki said...

Walmart is the anti-christ.

Nicole said...

Hey "not" why don't you try doing some research on Wal-Mart, it's not hard to discover that they have essentially ruined the lives of many low-income workers everywhere by driving down the wages that retail workers are paid. They also don't even give their employees proper benefits, and instead encourage them to use state programs to feed their kids and get health insurance.

Walmart has distroyed family run businesses all over the world, and the walton family are actually the most selfish rich people on the planet. I believe the ENTIRE FAMILY gave something like 10,000 dollars to charity total in 2004 or 2005, while Bill and Melinda gates gave over 58% of their fortune.

Try to be a bit more educated about what you discuss.


Reese said...

How humiliating to be beaten out on pop charts by a bunch of AARP members. Will the next Eagles tour be sponsored by Viagra/Sea Bond denture grip?

Simone said...

I hate things wal-mart, but I'm glad they worked with Billboard to put the final nail in the coffin of this useless girl's "career". The Eagles represent what real muscians and music is suppose to be. I'm not in to them, but I do respect what they've done for their fans and the music industry the past 30+ years.

Bryn said...

Fact is, the Eagles are true stars - they are legends. Britney is a manufactured pop star who's washed up by the time she hit 25.

She could only hope to aspire to their level.

Whatever their ages - they still have it, and she doesn't. said...

The fact is, if an album is a killer, true music fans will buy it no matter what. The only thing Britney has to offer is the visual...the grinding, the "look at my belly" clothes, working the pole. If she's not going to do that, people are not going to be interested.


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