Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Take Your Paycheck And Shut Up

Mel C seems to have herself confused with a Spice Girl that matters. Okay, that doesn't sound right. None of the Spice Girls really "matter." No one is going to die if they don't actually get together and play, but this needs to be taken in context. Mel C is under the impression that if she quits the group, the rest of the group will pack up their tents and just walk away into the night. In essence, Mel C believe she is the fulcrum that is keeping the divas together.

If Mel C walks away, the rest of the group could put a cardboard cut out of Martina Navratilova up on stage and no one in the audience would notice anyway. If Mel C leaves the only thing the other women will be worried about is whether they will still have to cut her in for a share of the money.

I don't know what Kool-Aid her manager has her drinking, but I want some because he has her believing she is the Spice Girls. I once believed I was Yul Brynner, but that involved some seriously toxic mushrooms and a very long stay in a Bangkok hospital room. Just because you see a mushroom growing on a tree, or coming out of the ground, doesn't mean it is edible. Well, it is edible, because I put it in my mouth and ate it, but I shouldn't have, and still have faint yellow dots on my back from some kind of weird poison they gave off.


Khemenu said...

Ok, Mel C was always my favorite. Yes she's being a diva, but with the exception of Baby...aren't they all egomaniacal?

I hate the whole "register to register for a chance to maybe have the Spice Girls in your city!" hullaballoo. It's not like the Beatles are re-forming and going on tour.

Anonymous said...

But they want to be the beatles. That's the thing. Didn't you see Spice World?! It was a remake of Hard Day's Night. Oh, you didn't see Spice World? Well, you're not missing anything except Alan Cumming camping it up.

GammaGirl said...

Mel C was always my favorite too! At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, she made it cool to be sporty in middle school.
I love Ent's rants on the Spice Girls!

jax said...

Her solo music is hsite and montoned..you better stay with your girls cuz if it wasn't for them no one would have given you a record deal for Northern Star-that sucked!!

The Lawnmower said...

When did this Man get into the Spice Girls?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

ENT - I gotta defend her here. The gal is the only one that can hold a tune and that's facts. I don't think the Spicey's would fall apart without her, but they would have to hire some people to do the main singing, and then pay them hush money. ;-)

jax said...

B-love buy her solo album..i got through it ONCE. Their is a reason these girls are a group and not solo artists.

Mel C- one octave voice
Baby- whispers her songs
Geri- shite singer
Scary- screams and zigazizags


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