Thursday, November 08, 2007

South Korea Explodes

Generally South Korea likes to maintain a balance of US celebrity egos and so you rarely see more than one celebrity at a time visit the country known for giving us great horror flicks, cool cell phones, and what seems like every female professional golfer.

Something happened the other day though. Paris Hilton began a visit to South Korea two days ago to promote FILA and her porn film and because she heard she could get cheap booze and a job at a room salon if this whole celebrity thing fades away. The ego/diva meter in Seoul jumped when she came, but it was nothing they haven't handled before. It was a close call when Mariah Carey came recently, but not so bad with just Paris. Then yesterday, there was a catastrophic failure of the diva control system as Beyonce came to the country for a concert and to suck up to the boys at Samsung for giving her the Bitch phone. Oops B phone.

Beyonce tried to order the entire country to bow to her at once, but instead ended up telling them she doesn't even know at this point if she is married to Jay-Z or not. Of course when Paris Hilton tried to get the whole country to bow to her at once, she instead ended up saying something that loosely translates into "I did it up the butt for coke." Now wherever she goes, people give her cans of Coke expecting her to drop trou.

The whole country will be scrubbed from top to bottom this weekend after the pair leave.


melcon80 said...

The commentary on this site is really starting to get to me ... but I keep coming back everyday.

To quote BBM: I wish I knew how to quit you!

tehanu22 said...

I come FOR the commentary!

Kelsey said...

you sure give us a fair amount of korea mentions, enty... got anything on hyun bin for me?


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