Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random Photos Part One

In my own version of Socialite Rank, Amanda Peet beats out Ali Larter.
It was close, but lunch at The Ivy while the writers are on the picket line wasn't the best move ever.
About as bad of a photo Heidi Klum can take. It's not really even the photo, it's the whole "Heidi" pig tails thing. Of course all would have been forgiven if she was wearing a school girl outfit, but, she's not.
Being John Malkovich is something Beyonce wants to do.
I hope those bird cages are decorative. The last thing Amy Winehouse needs is pets. She already has a husband who needs more care than a pet.

I notice that Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connelly aren't holding up a photo of Jeremy Piven. Guess they don't miss him.

And we are supposed to believe that Catherine Zeta Jones is still doing the ghost.

That whole sympathy weight gain thing has the opposite effect on Marc Anthony. He looks like he could be borrowing clothes from the Olsen twins.

Tom Cruise thought it was a Hitler Youth rally and not TRL.
You have to love Sacha Baron Cohen's shoes. Isla Fisher looks amazing here. She also looks 14, but amazing.

Speaking of amazing. Just when I am about to write off Mandy Moore as the queen of frump she pulls this one out of her hat.


Anonymous said...

What's even funnier about the Cohen-Fishers is that as tiny as she looks, she's also wearing 3+ inch heels.

Bryn said...

Regarding Mandy Moore - WHY, oh why do these women need to stand pidgeon toed like they are 7 years old? It's not cute, it looks dumb. It appears they need corrective shoes or a brace or something. I'm sure some stylist came up with the idea, and I hate it. For me, it ruins the entire look. It's one of my pet peeves. grrrrr

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Bryn - Hillary Duff is the world's worst for the pigeon toes. Its annoying as hell.

Marc Jacobs probably weighs 120 lbs or less. Textbook manorexia.

princess pea said...

Sorry, but Mandy Moore is definitely rockin' the frumpy look. This girl could seriously use a stylist.

GammaGirl said...

Isla Fisher looks AMAZING! WOW..

I'm not sure why tom is rocking the Hitler-esque haircut but its gotta go. I have so many bad connotations of Tom that adding Hitler into the mix makes him EVIL rather than batshit crazy

jax said...

B-love..you do mean Skeletor and not my gay husband in training Marc Jocobs?

Moonmaid said...

"I have so many bad connotations of Tom that adding Hitler into the mix makes him EVIL rather than batshit crazy"

Exactly - especially with that evil grin.
I have never found him remotely sexy, in the least. Creepy, yes.

Moonmaid said...

Now Adam Grenier, that's a sexy man. He'd be sexy even if he was short. Which he's not.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Oh yeah, and that shirt Beyonce is wearing is totally something Joss Stone would be into.

Unknown said...

Tom is obviously clueless in the PR game. After all of the Tom bashing he went through, you would think he would try a romantic comedy or something. He instead goes for a Hitler movie. He is a dumbass

bluegirl said...

LOVE Mandy's shoes!!

captivagrl said...

cruise has recently crossed the line with me. i can't even watch the older movies. i'm turned off.


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