Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beowulf Premiere

After the premiere, Brad Pitt has to deliver his 1920's paper route.
Alison Lohman wins the "Christina Aguilera Makeup Whore Award", while Producer Jack Rapke uses his "I'm a producer line" thinking he is going to score.

Did you Annette Bening is 25 years old? Yep, it is just Warren Beatty and his 80 years that makes her look 70.
I have always thought of Robin Wright Penn as the pretty Sarah Jessica Parker.

Posing in front of a Beowulf poster is about as close to working with Brangelina that Nicollette Sheridan is ever going to get.
John Malkovich celebrating his 843rd birthday looks tremendous.
I don't have anything snarky to say about Idina Menzel. I just watched Rent again last weekend so she was on my mind anyway, and then boom. There she is. She can thank me later in that very special way she does. I just hope she brings the key this time because having the fire department seeing me like that was not one of my favorite experiences.
Crispin Glover and his "date" Amber Heard. She looks thrilled to be there doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

Alison Lohman: what happened to your teeth/mouth?! She looks like Lind Cardellini from ER with that horrible smile. She was so beautiful in Big Fish and White Oleander.

Annette Bening: You need to play Catherine O'Hara's slightly less wacky sister in something. Maybe teach her how to get over that overacting thing she's done since American Beauty. (I want Grifters and Bugsy Annette back).

Idina Menzel: She's pretty, but there's something about her nose that I just STARE at it whenever I see her in something. It's just so straight and thin. (Also, EL, is this a reveal.. was there a BI about a bondage couple?)

call me weird, but i've always found Crispin Glover handsome (creepy, kinky, disgusting, dirty, too, but physically a good looking man).

Bryn said...

could Idina Menzel be AP?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I thought AP was single?

MnGddess said...

Idina Menzel has an incredible voice. I have the Wicked CD and her voice gives me the chills.

And love Kristen Chenoweth too. They should have both received Tonys.

Alison Lohman looks pretty freakin' scary in that photo. All she needs are fangs and she'd be the perfect vampire...

dnfrommn re: Crispin Glover -

your're weird....

(runs and ducks)


kellygirl said...

Idina sounds like a reveal

jax said...

Ever since Charlie's Angel's Crispin is hella creepy to me.

Unknown said...

I've always had a thing for crispin too. not really liking the long hair though.

and geez AJ, it wasn't that cold in LA last night. way to hide your emaciated body though.

bluegirl said...

Gosh, Angelina Jolie has just sucked the life out of Brad Pitt, hasn't she?


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